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Racing on Daytona Beach

This is where it all started in Daytona. Before there was the Daytona International Super Speedway there was racing on the beach. This is the original north corner where the first race was held.

In an attempt to escape some of the cold and ice of the winter we made a short but warm and fun trip to Central Florida recently. It was the week before the Daytona 500 and the area was a buzz with racing activities. We took in some terrific dirt track Outlaw racing a Volusia Speedway and will certainly do that again on a future trip.

This 1956 Mercury is owned by its original owner, Russ Truelove. He bought the car new, drove to Daytona after making only two payments on it. He added a roll bar and an engine kit and qualified 5th. He out qualified some of the factory teams. Unfortunately, Going into the north turn he flipped violently and totaled the car. He walked away and Ford sent him a complete new body he installed on the rebuilt frame and went on to race the car for many more years!

Other than the typical amusement park attractions we wanted to find some original Daytona Beach race activities. We were fortunate enough to attend one of several events and shows that were being held but had to miss the parade on the beach of the vintage cars due to our own mechanical breakdown.

Junior Johnson 1959 Chevy.

We did manage to have lunch at the North Turn Restaurant which we highly recommend and also take in the display of race cars at the Light House at Pounce Inlet.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them. If you are ever in Florida the week before the 500 make sure you take in some of these pre-race day activities. The crowds are light but the cars are great.

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