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Project Nuremberg Dodge Daytona #15

This is Part 15 of the story on our 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Project Nuremberg Car. In future Parts we will update you on the Project Car itself and the restoration process. (Start with Part 1)

It is time to give you a partial list of the sources we have used to obtain parts for our Project Nuremberg Dodge Daytona. First off, never believe that all parts are created equal. We found that some suppliers have top notch items and others have junk; some suppliers will have parts from one manufacturer and similar complimentary items from another supplier and they may not be of equal quality. The suppliers and service providers we have listed are the ones whose parts or services we are using. That doesn’t mean we endorse all of their items, just the ones we used. We are not able to list every part from every vendor. We have not listed anyone whose parts we purchased and did not or could not use.

None of these items were “sponsored” we purchased them all at retail price.

Glen-ray Radiators, Inc.; Rebuilt used Radiator:

Legendary Auto Interiors; all interior parts except for original items that could be reused (some of Legendary’s interior parts could actually be purchased cheaper from Classic Industries than from Legendary):

Classic  Industries; emblems, interior parts from Legendary Auto Interiors, exhaust, antenna, shifter boots, rear bumper, seat belts     and   much more:

-National Moparts; Nose Seal, lock set, trim:

-PG Classic Restoration Parts; Head Rests;

-Performance Car Graphics; Rebuilt Gauges, Daytona Stripe, decals and other (if you are rebuilding a Daytona or Superbird this should be your first stop, technical assistance is also available):

-Mr. Moparts; Radiator Hoses and clamps:

-David Koops; Headlight doors:

-Herb’s Parts; Tail light panel trim, wheel lip moldings, door panel medallions, emblems;

-Tonys MOPAR Parts; used Dana 60, used radiator:

-Evans Wiring; new under hood wiring;

-Ward’s Classic Car Radio Repair; rebuilt factory radio;

-S&M Electro-Tech, Inc; Dash radio speaker;

This is not a complete list and we will be adding more in the future. If we encounter problems with any of the items provided by these vendors we will remove them from the list.

A couple of important notes:

  1. Prices can vary widely. Without purchasing all the items from different suppliers and comparing them it is impossible to judge value. However, it appears that some vendors price their items based on presumed rarity and correctness. Unless, you are doing a 100% detail correct restoration check alternatives before purchasing. Prices can vary by 200 to 300% on some items!
  2. Some vendors will never call you back. Some have web sites with email and never respond. My opinion is that if you purchase from someone like this beware. If there is a problem you will be stuck and never get the problem resolved. I will never purchase online unless there is a business address and phone number included on the web site.
  3. Keep a detailed log of what you purchase and where you purchased it from. It is easy to order some items more than once from different vendors. It is even easier to think you ordered something when you didn’t.

 Continued in Part 16

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