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Exotic Cars at Amelia Island

When you think of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance you think of older perfectly restored exotic legendary collector cars. That is the focus without question but remember the people that own these cars are also likely to drive today’s equivalent. A look around the parking lots confirms this.

Take a look at these photos of what we witnessed and drooled over.

There were all the familiar faces in all the regular spaces but the car getting the most attention was the Spyker. It is a Dutch company which has only produced 260 cars since 2000  but is doing well; they just purchased Saab from General Motors and have some great new products planned. What really makes the auto designs so unique is the strong vintage aircraft design clues.

I was blown away with the air intake vents and most of all by the exposed shifter linkage in the cockpit.

Think these cars are hot? Next up, in a few days, are some of he prototypes that were on display. These will make you wish for a Fast Forward Machine!

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