Kyle Busch and his “little shrub hugger” fan

Dear Shifty,

I think your name is a typo, there shouldn’t be a “f” in your name! You don’t like him because he is young and a better driver than his Champion team mate Tony Stewart. I like Kyle Busch. I think he has more talent in his little finger than all the other NASCAR drivers put together.

Why do you keep picking on him? All the other drivers know he is better and they get uptight when he is behind them. He is the New Intimidator!


I like Busch


Dear Little Shrub Hugger,

What makes you think I don’t like the Little Shrub? I don’t, but what makes you think that?

First of all that little pip squeak is about as much of an Intimidator as a lug nut is a Hooters Girl. Dale Earnhardt did his share of rough driving but most of the time it was either justified or he was embarrassed for what he did when he got out of the car.

Little Shrub has a lot of talent but he better learn to drive within his limits. When other drivers go in over their head they get told a thing or two and learn from it. The Shrub takes a bow!

As for the talent in his little finger; I suggest he drive with all five on both hands and maybe he won’t be wrecking so many other drivers.

At least that’s the way I see it.



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