Pontiac GTO; 1964-1974 Collector’s Guide Review


This book published by Iconografix and written by Paul Zazarine.

I have the typical problems with this book in that it uses black and white photos. Charge us more and use color! The information we need is in the details. Color is needed to see details!

Now with that common disclaimer out of the way let’s look at the meat of the book. This is a real collector’s guide. It tells the unsuspecting what to look for. When you go out to look for a car, any car you need to know what the problem areas are. After you have bought a couple and tore them apart you will have a good idea but you still won’t know about them all and that is EXPENSIVE. Here is a start to what the author tells you: “The body shell has a variety of rust-prone areas. Around the lower rear window, water entered the body through the trim molding clip piercings. This area was especially bad in 1966-1967 because…

He also goes on to tell you what tools to stick in your pockets before you leave to inspect the car. How about a Spot Rot gauge for bondo or the Pro Gauge to measure paint thickness?

Zazarine also emphasizes car condition. How many times have you heard someone say pay for a quality car, it is cheaper than a restoration? This is almost always true, as long as it was a quality restoration. This book will help you make that determination. Although the focus is on GTOs much of what is given in the way of information is applicable to any car.

Another bit of good info is that just because it is a GTO does not make all GTOs equal. This again is sound advice. Not only is there a wide variation in quality between vehicles there is also rarity and desirability to consider. Again, just because it is rare does not mean it is desirable. It maybe rare to have a red car with a green interior but do you really want one? I remember a certain yellow Corvette with a silver interior from my youth. That car was always for sale and would never sell. It was ugly, but rare!

This book even contains a Star Rating system for every year and desirable option of the GTO. The more stars the higher the desirability and value. There are also production numbers and codes as well as useful history.


If you are worried about your car being a counterfeited Judge the author tells you how to be a detective. The VIN will not identify a Judge.

What are the best buys in GTOs? The author provides some suggestions for the long term based on his knowledge and experience. Ever hear of a Royal Bobcat? This is the book to tell you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Buying a GTO

Chapter 2: 1964-1965 GTO

Chapter 3: 1966-1967 GTO

Chapter 4: 1968-1969 GTO

Chapter 5: 1970-1972 GTO

Chapter 6 1973-1974 GTO

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