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Muscle Cars

Motorbooks has done it again, they have published another outstanding Mike Mueller book. This one is a smaller size paperback for $19.95 retail. It is actually a picture book of all the cars you lust over. There is just enough text and historical statistics and other information to wet your appetite for more.

It is the pictures and convenient size that will encourage you to take it along to car shows, cruise-ins or when you are just hanging out in the garage with buddies. You want to stimulate some conversations just put this book in a car guys hands and he will immediately start thumbing through it. I guarantee there is more than one car in the book that will get you all doing some bench racing!


There are 55 muscle cars featured with 350 color photos. Production and performance specs are also include.


Chapter 1: Musclar Milestones

Chapter 2: Factory Hot Rods

Chapter 3: Let’s Get Small

Chapter 4: In Cahoots

Chapter 5: Supreme Season


Muscle’s New Class

The final Chapter that isn’t a Chapter is devoted to the new era of muscle cars such as the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger.


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