How to Keep Your Muscle Car Alive Review

howtokeepmusclecar010-smallThis is one of those books for the beginner guy or gal who wants a good overview of the working of a typical muscle car. It is very much like the repair manuals we all turn to when we tackle a new project car. However, this book by Harvey White , Jr. and published by Motorbooks, applies to all cars of the 1960s and1970s with particular emphasis on muscle cars.

You aren’t told how to repair every specific car but rather how to diagnose typical problems on these cars. There are also very useful reminders on how these cars should be maintained. Remember, the cars from this vintage required considerably more maintenance than today’s vehicles. I remember doing grease jobs every 3,000 miles and tune-ups at no more than 12,000.

The author also provides some very sensible suggestions on updating and modifying your classic muscle car for daily driving. These are also excellent reminders for those of us who think everything modified is better.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What is a Muscle Car?

Chapter 2: Maintenance

Chapter 3: Brakes

Chapter 4: Suspension

Chapter 5: Steering System

Chapter 6: Engine

Chapter 7: Cooling System

Chapter 8: Exhaust System

Chapter 9: Fuel System

Chapter 10: Ignition, Charging, and Electrical Systems

Chapter 11: Transmission and Clutch

Chapter 12: Rear Axle

Chapter 13: Driveshaft

Suggested Retail Price: 29.99 US

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