Corvette 1968-1982

Collector’s Originality Guide

Take it from someone who has owned a lot of Corvettes including C-1, C-2, C-3 and C-5 models this is a book you must have on your self if you own or want to own one of the Shark Vettes from the 68 too 82 model years. These can be wonderful cars and very rewarding for prices that are extremely affordable compared to some of the current muscle car prices. I love muscle cars but if you plan on driving it, for the price buy a Corvette.

Now, before you go out and buy your dream Shark body Corvette make sure you pick up this book published by Motorbooks. The author is Tom Falconer with photos by James Mann. The suggested retail price is $24.99 US and can usually be found for much less. This small investment and some time on the couch reading it from cover to cover could save you thousands of dollars on your purchase or restoration and also make you a trivia whiz on 68-82 Corvettes!


I admittedly have not read this book from cover to cover but I would be a better enthusiast if I did. The detail of information on this book far exceeds any other “Originality Guide” I have read on other brands or by other authors. Corvettes have been coveted by collectors for many years and way before most muscle cars became popular for restoration. As a result of this passion for the fiberglass sports car the amount of data and documentation collected over the years is lengthy. I have been driving Corvettes since 1968 and learned more about them in my first glance through the book than I expected to learn if I read it cover to cover!

The photography is adequate but certainly not up to “coffee table book” standards but this is a book to use and study, a text book and not a show book. As way of example here is one quote from the book I bet you didn’t know.

“The NCRS have identified three different sized headlamp doors for this year, each one 1/2in larger than the previous. Many ’68s were dismantled when they were next to worthless, so now we know why we had such problems fitting those early lids into later cars for crash repairs!”

The reader can find many such bits of information throughout the book that could be invaluable to you in your restoration or in your inspection of that next two seater for your garage. Information on data codes, specifications, colors, options and costs, production numbers, engine details and more are provided.


The Table of Contents doesn’t do justice to the amount of details included by the author.







1975 & 1976


1978 & 1979

1980 & 1981


Restoring a 1977 Coupe



This guide details the correct parts, finishes, options, and trim pieces for all fourth-generation Corvette models. Author Falconer examines every detail of each model as it appeared off the factory line, explaining in detail how to interpret factory identification plates, broadcast sheets, and other signature markings, and how to tell which parts are correct and which are not.

If and when I go out shopping for another C-3 Corvette this book will be on the seat next to me!

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