Wheel/Tire Clock Do-it-Yourself

Every Man Cave needs a cool clock. It might be an old Budweiser lighted one from a bar or a Holman and Moody reproduction or one you make. What, you can’t make a clock? Sure you can. Look around your junk pile for some old parts and put your imagination to work.


I went out to the garage the other day and was trying to clean up a little to make room for another car. Sitting in the corner was a newly polished Corvette wheel from Whoops Wheel Fix with a brand new BFG TA on it. The only problem was the wheel will never hold air again and the tire was unsafe to drive on.


This is all that is left of our 1980 Corvette that was recently stolen. The wheel/tire took the full impact of a guard rail and destroyed the back side of the wheel but the accident only put minor scratches on the front side. This was all the result of the thieves running the Corvette into the river in an effort to hide their stupidity. They missed the river and hit a guard rail. Like I said, stupid!

I wanted a keepsake since the car had been in the family for nearly 20 years and we recorded some very special times in it. I saved the tire and wheel for some purpose but didn’t know what.


Well, on this day I figured it out; it will be a wall clock for the garage!

The first thing that needed to be done was detail the wheel and tire; wash both, dress the tire and polish the wheel.

The second thing I did was make a trip to the local hobby shop, picked up one of those inexpensive battery powered clock mechanisms, a set of hands for the clock plus some numbers for around $10.


When I got home I drilled a hole in the center of the wheel center cap, mounted the mechanism, painted the hands and numbers red; yellow for the second hand and waited for them to dry.


I grabbed a beverage from the frig, turned on the TV in the Man Cave and watched a few car shows while the paint dried.


I then mounted the center cap in the wheel. Then came the numbers. I was careful to place the “12” right above the valve stem for symmetry. To keep it clean and simple I only added the “3”, “6” and “9” to the wheel.

Next came the hands which just push onto the mechanism; added the battery and the clock was ready to hang on the wall or sit on a bench or what ever. I think this one may go in the show room and be placed into one of those stands like you see in tire shops and I will take another extra wheel and tire combo I have lying around for the garage. I will show you photos of both as soon as I have them 100% complete.

This project took only minutes of real work and approximately $10 and a few squirts of paint I already had on the shelf. I think it looks cool.

What projects like this would you like to share with others? Send me an email: richard@LegendaryCollectorCars.com.


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