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“It’s Chevrolet For Me”; Joey Chitwood


When I was a kid there was no such thing as computers or Photoshop. When you saw a car do fantastic things in the movies it was real. When you went to the race track and saw stock cars race; they were “stock” cars you saw on the track. One of the biggest thrills was when the Joie Chitwood Thrill Show came to the local County Fair each year. As an impressionable elementary school aged kid I was hooked on their driving skills.

Their cars and their stunts were mind boggling to us back then. We talked about it all year until they returned the next year. Today’s out outrageous computer generated stunts defy realism and physics. They are so far over the top they do not even thrill me anymore. at times they are just plain stupid. Back then, in front of your own eyes, just feet from where you were sitting, these thrill drivers and their new cars were doing what appeared impossible.

You think this is easy, when was the last time you drove a 1956 Chevy, Ford or anything else of that vintage and felt safe making a quick emergency maneuver? We are spoiled by today’s sophisticated suspensions and computer controlled anti-lock brakes and high performance radial tires and special tuned shocks.

I even remember the year the Chitwood fleet included a Corvette! That was the best. It never did the two wheel ride or jumped any ramps but it was just cool to see a Corvette perform in front of your very own eyes. Back then, in rural Iowa, even seeing a Corvette in person was a huge deal for a gearhead kid.

We had a video for you to watch of an old Joes Chitwood show but YouTube didn’t like us sharing it with you.

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I grew up and lived in Iowa for a good portion of my life before moving to Southern California. After 20+ years we now live outside Nashville Tennessee. I have been into cars since I was old enough to remember. I don't have a brand loyalty although I do prefer American Muscle especially the 1969/1970 NASCAR Aero Cars. (Check out our other web site at site) As long as it has four wheels and an engine I get excited. Few men are lucky enough to be able to share their passion for cars with the woman they love. Fortunately, my wife, Katriana, is also a gear head and many of our activities revolve around the cars. We have a small collection that includes at least one car from each of the Big Three. It includes a Best of Show winner, a survivor, a driver with lots of patina and several others. Katrina prefers all original cars while I like to modify them so we have a few of each. When we aren't playing with cars we are out working with or showing our miniature donkeys. You can see more about that part of our lives at

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