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2015 Talladega Family Reunion Announced

The Marriott MeadoView in Kingsprot!
The Marriott MeadoView in Kingsprot!

As some of you know from visiting this site regularly my wife and I are very partial to the Ford and Mopar aero cars from 1969. We even run the Registry for the Ford cars at If you also own one of these cars or are interested in them we have the deal for you, come to our Reunion in 2015!

We have been working on several different options for our 2015 Talladega Family Reunion and have just received word that our first choice has been approved! It will be June 26-27 2015. I think you will really like this one! One of our own Team Members, Marty Burke, will be heading up the coordination with the Fairlane Club of America 2015 National Meet. Here is the Club’s announcement.

Hi Richard!

Well after conferring with the FCA Officers I officially want to extend to you & all the members of the Talladega & Spoiler Registry to participate at our National Meet the last weekend of June 2015 in Kingsport Tn. We will have several class choices for Registry owners to  enter their vehicles. Most popular is the owners ballot classes. For this year the FCA will have an individual class for each of the three aero cars {Talladega, Spoiler & Spoiler II}. we normally have the three cars along with the 1969 Cobra together, but since we are expecting a great turnout by Registry members the Club wants to have a class for each of these special aero cars! Our Concourse Judged classes {Restored Concourse & Original Judged Concourse} will have the vehicles judged against the judging sheet which is available from the FCA website. We have two requirements for all participants at the FCA Nationals. First because of liability reasons all registered participants must belong to the FCA {I know most Registry member already do belong} Second that all vehicles in the show are required to have a fire extinguisher {safety reasons}. . More information as the calander progresses can be found on the FCA website & in the Fairlaner magazine. Anyone with questions can email me at

The above email address will not go into my personal spam box. Most registry members have my personal email

Either is fine to use.

As the owner of five Registry cars , I am very pleased that you have chosen the FCA Nationals to participate in 2015. The prior Meets have been a lot of fun & I have developed many friendships through the Registry. This is a win-win situation for both organizations as together we can gain more recognition for ALL of our vehicles! 

Best Regards,

Marty Burke

National Chief Judge

Fairlane Club of America

Although this will be my first FCA National event I have been a member of that Club since purchasing our first Mercury Aero car many years ago. Katrina and I are really looking forward to this years Talladega Reunion and have already made are reservations at the headquarters hotel. We strongly urge you to do the same. Spectators are welcome but if you want to participate in all the activities you must be a member of the FCA to participate in the Nationals and the Reunion. There will be no additional registration fee for Team Members at our Reunion. 

You do not need to own a Ford Aero car to participate in the FCA Nationals. Any Ford Fairlane is eligible, see their web site for details.

There will be much more information to come leading up to the Nationals. Here is what you need to know and do as soon as you can.

  1. If you have not already done so, join FCA and start taking advantage of all their wonderful resources. Click Here to go to get an application.
  2. Make your hotel reservations at the Meadow View Marriott in Kingsport, Tennessee. You can call 888-632-3697 and be sure to ask for the Fairlane Club of America rate of $104+tax for one to four people in one room. You can also go to and enter group code FFCFFCA. (Rooms will be available at this special rate from June 21 thru June 30, 2015/) For those of you who were there, this is also the location were we held our very first Talladega Family Reunion as part of the Forge Muscle Car show in 2010! What better way to celebrate our 5th anniversary of our first Reunion than to do it at the same location?
Here is a group photo of all those who attended as Participants or spectators at the 2014 Concours d'Elegance in Lexington KY. There were still others who attended as guests and we welcomed them with open arms as well.
Here is a group photo of all those who attended as Participants or spectators at the 2014 Talladega Family Reunion at the Concours d’Elegance in Lexington KY. There were still others who attended as guests and we welcomed them with open arms as well. Let’s double or triple this number for the 2015 event in Kingsport!
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