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1969 Dodge Nuremberg Daytona Project Car Part-7

This is Part 7 of the story on our new 1969 Dodge Charger Nuremberg Daytona Project Car. In future Parts we will continue to update you on the Project Nuremberg Daytona itself and the restoration process. In this Part we will tell you about how this car started life and in Part 8 we will outline our goals for the completed Project. (Start with Part 1)

Our Project Nuremberg Daytona started life at the Dodge assembly plant as a 1969 Dodge Charger RT (as did all Daytonas). They then shipped it to Creative Industries and converted it to a Dodge Daytona. Below is a photo of the Data Plate and a copy of the Production Broadcast Sheet (Build Sheet).

The original Data Plate removed from Project Nuremberg Daytona for restoration.

From this we can determine the Daytona started life with a T7 Dark Bronze exterior and tan interior. This is the ONLY Daytona painted in this color scheme. There was a second T7 Dark Bronze Daytona but it was built with a black stripe/wing and black interior. That car has been found but remains unrestored. It also had a 440 engine with the very desirable 4-speed transmission.

This is the original Broadcast Sheet for Project Nuremberg Daytona.

What does all of this information tell us? If you have the appropriate decoding data, you learn that this is a Special Order 1969 Dodge Charger RT that would be converted into a Dodge Daytona. The build specs also reveal the options they built the car with.

        1. VIN: XX29L9B400XXX
        2. SEQUENCE: 5296X926XXX 74-25007
        3. BUILT: MAY 29, 1969 (Hamtramck, MI)
        5. AO1 = LIGHT PACKAGE
        6. A11 = CHARGER 500/DAYTONA
        7. A33 = 3:54:1 DANA 60 TRK.PKG.
        8. B31 = 11” hd MAN DRUM BRKS
        9. B51 = POWER ASSIST BRKS
        10. C6 = TAN VIN INTERIOR
        11. C16 = CONSOLE WITH BUCKETS
        13. C55 = BUCKET SEATS
        14. C93 = CARPETING
        15. D21 = HD 4 SPEED MAN
        16. E86 = HD 440 375 HP
        17. F25 = 70-A/H 440 RED CAP BATTERY
        18. G15 = TINT WINDSH ONLY
        19. G33 = O/SLH REMOTE STD MIR
        20. H11 = FR HTR/W DEFROSTER
        21. J11 = GLOVE BOX LOCK
        22. J15 = CIG LIGHTER
        23. J31 = DUEL HORNS
        24. J55 = UNDCOATE W/HOOD-PAD
        25. L05 = MAP COURT.LITE
        26. L11 = GLOVE BOX LITE
        27. L15 = ASH TRAY LITE
        28. L25 = TRUNK COMP LIGHT
        30. L72 = HEAD LAMP WARNING
        32. M26 = WHEEL LIP MOLDINGS
        33. M31 = BELT MOLD
        34. N65 = 7-BLADE CLUTCH FAN
        35. N85 = TACH
        36. R11 = MUSIC MASTER AM RADIO
        38. S25 = HD/FIRM RIDE SHOCKS
        39. S77 = POWER STEERING
        40. S79 = LOWER HALF HORN RING

Now that we knew how the car started its life and had a reasonable understanding of its existing condition we reveal the restoration plans in Part 8.

Continued in Part 8

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