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1969 Dodge Daytona Project Car; Project Nuremberg Daytona, Part 8

In Part 7 we told you how our Project Nuremberg Daytona left Creative Industries and today in Part 8 we will reveal our restoration plans. (Start with Part 1)

There are only two real alternatives as we see it for the Nuremberg Daytona. The first is to do a 100 point correct restoration of the car. This would take it back to the condition it was when it left the factory and Creative Industries; done as correctly as possible. Such a restoration would maximize the value of the car and would also mean that for the foreseeable future it would be trailed to all events. It would be a show car and seldom driven. This option deserves a reasonable consideration due to the car’s unusual paint color, 4-speed transmission and tan interior.

The second alternative is to do an authentic restoration to the highest quality reasonable for a car that will be driven. That means the restoration will be accurate but done sympathetically understanding the car’s primary use will be to be driven and enjoyed with a second priority to its ultimate value and show winning capabilities. This option deserves serious consideration by anyone who wants to use the car the way it was originally intended. This option also makes sense on this particular car because the entire original drive train was pilfered from the car over the years.

After serious consideration and debate my wife, Katrina, and I agreed this car was originally built to be driven and thrashed. It has a long history of being street raced and is missing its original drive train. We decided Project Nuremberg Daytona will be restored to look as it did when it left Creative Industries in August of 1969. However, the restoration will be directed at making the car a great driver. The car will not be over restored to the point that it can not be enjoyed due to the exorbitant cost of 100 point show quality specifications. In addition, certain liberties will be taken to make the car more suitable for today’s expectations on the road.


This is a restored Dodge Daytona with a color similar but not the same as our T7.

In summary, here is what are game plan is for the restoration:

  1. The body will be smoothed to perfection and a high quality T7 Dark Bronze paint will be applied with a white bumble bee stripe and wing. All chrome will be redone and stainless polished.
  2. A date code correct 440 bored to 500 cubic inches will be coupled to a date correct 4-speed and Dana 60.
  3. The biggest diversion from original will come with the change to power disk brakes on the front. Today, if you are going to drive hard you better be able to stop. All of the factory drum brake system and spindles will be put away so the car can be returned to original parts if that is ever desired.
  4. Since the original tires and wheels were missing we will also diverge slightly from the originals and go to a 15 inch Magnum Wheel. These will be just like the originals but not the 14 inch size the factory used. We will also use a red line tire but this time they will be radials and in a 60 series.
  5. The interior will be all new but still in the factory tan color with bucket seats and center console. The factory AM radio will be restored.
  6. All minor things like hard fuel lines, brake lines, soft hoses etc. will be replaces as will the fuel tank and all under hood items from radiator to washer bottle. Of course the master cylinder, vacuum booster, power steering pump and alternator will also be new.
  7. All new wiring harness and vacuum lines under the hood will be used.

Next up we will bring you regular updates on the actual restoration. These may not appear every Monday but we will try to keep you as current as we can.

Continued in Part 9

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