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What is the Craziest thing you ever found in a Car?

A friend just sent me an email about finding strange stuff in a parts car. The story goes like this:

“I was in a parts yard the other day getting some parts for a car we our building .  I removed this dash pad and under the pad was this ticket for a swap meet @ a drive in….and on the ticket it states…….”pull up to the speaker box like you were going to watch a movie ”  now this I think is kind of Kool…..even if I never watched much of a movie @ a drive in………it got me thinking…….What was one of the Kool things you found in a car you bought to drive or for parts?”

“Like one time we bought a 48 Buick Conv……we sold it to a guy who started to Hot Rod it ….I stopped in one day to see how he was doing on the project and he told me he found a “Birth Certificate.” from a Hospital in Flint Mich. same place Buick was made and it was dated same day in 1948 the car was built………just for fun…..and grins.”

Well, that did get me to thinking and the strangest thing I can remember wasn’t in a parts car, it was a driver. I had just purchased a one year old 1967 Plymouth Barracuda and I really liked the car with the exception of a “thunking” noise coming from under the dash when I cornered hard. Since I tended to corner hard a lot the noise was an issue.

One Saturday afternoon I went in search of the noise. I opened up one of the heater vents and stuck my arm up in there as far as I could and felt something that was loose. I grabbed old and out it came. In my hand was a full unopened can of beer! Do you suppose a supervisor was coming down the line and the assembly line worker had to ditch his beer quick?

I will never know.

What is the strangest thing you ever found in a parts car or used car? Send your story along to and we will print the best of what we get.

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