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Corvettes Go Home: Corvette Homecoming Bowling Green 2008


I think this is one of the most beautiful years and color combinations ever built.

Family reunions car be fun or they can be an embarrassment. They have even been know to erupt into violence, some red necks go to family reunions to look for dates! When you are a Corvette or a Corvette owner going to the family reunion is nothing but pure fun.

Every year the Corvette family has its family reunion in Bowling Green, KY site of both the Corvette Assembly line and the Corvette Museum. This year time was short and we could not stay for the entire event and that is our loss because what we did see was terrific. If you own a Corvette, put this on your list of things to do. You can see more photos of this year’s event on our web site at the On Tour page.


If you think all Corvettes are stock, original and boring, you should see this one. See more photos at our On Tour page.

While we were in Bowling Green we also did the mandatory Factory Tour (no photos allowed) and the wonderful Museum Tour. Very soon, right here, you will see photos of this along with a video in the very near future.

As fun as the trip was it was not without a problem. The ZO6 has been sitting for sometime so this was the natural time to give it some legs and take a run. All went well until we pulled off the Interstate in Bowling Green and there was only an inch of clutch pedal. Before I knew it there was none. I was sitting in a turn lane with no way to get it into a gear! This was going to ruin a good weekend!

I finally managed to coast into a driveway, jam it into a gear and hobble to a gas station. There I picked up a couple of cans of brake fluid for the hydraulic clutch and topped it off. A few pumps on the clutch pedal and I was back in business. I had to top it off a few more times but successfully made the return trip home after the event.

Now the challenge, find the link. Word of recommendation; stick a can of DOT3 Brake Fluid in your trunk. If this happens far from a source of fluid you will have an expensive tow that could have been prevented with a small investment in the trunk.


Now, this is a Burn Out!

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