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In addition to the Legendary Collector Cars web site you may be interested in our sister site site. Although is gets less traffic it gets a very dedicated loyal repeat visitor who is a loyal Ford/Mercury enthusiast.

Now is the time to get in on the low advertising rates. We have spaces for every size and need. We also can do Product Reviews, include your product in our Project Cars section and announce your new products on our Blog. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and desires.

Spaces Available:


This is the best spot on the site, right up there on the top. It measures 468 pixels by 60 pixels. It is available by the month, quarter or year.

Side Box:

This one is not far behind the Header and is actually larger and perfect for a video format. It measures 300 pixels x 250 pixels. It is available by the month, quarter or year.


Another great location is right under our Feature Article section. This box is for a 468 pixel x 60 pixel ad. It is available by the month, quarter or year.

4×4 Side Bar Box:

There are eight of these available in our sidebar area. These are also premium spaces that provide our advertisers with an inexpensive way to make your presence known. These spaces are available by the month, quarter or yearly.

Side Bar Boxes:

These provide you with a lot of flexibility in the size of your advertisement. They can be 125 pixel wide on the inside column or 120 pixel wide on the outside column by just about any length you need. These are available by the month, quarter or year.

Text Line:

We also have text line spaces available in either of the Side Bar Box area. You can purchase as many lines of text as you wish.

Contact Us at: Legendary Collector Cars or call 615-848-0035 for more information on rates and availability of specific spaces. Thank you.

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