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Have you ever had a tool that lasted forever and when it died you were lost? I have a couple of battery chargers that have been around for a very long time. The oldest has been in my garage for over 40 years! The other one has been around for about half of that. I got it when I thought it was about time for the old one to die. Which worked out fine because there has been more than once I had two cars with dead batteries at the same time

Well, it finally died but so did the other one on the same weekend. I decided I would replace them with something a little larger and with more power but not real expensive. I wanted one on wheels with more power to charge faster and even provide the ability to jump a car if I needed to.

I went to all the usual places from Sears to Tractor Supply to the auto parts stores. It seemed the prices varied greatly and there were a wide variety of features. I almost bought a Craftsman at Sears when it was on sale but it was $20 higher when I went back the next day to get it!. Needless to say I was angry and walked out. I don’t know if I was more angry with Sears or myself.

Luckily, I decided to stop by Northern Toolon my way home. I found a charger there that was on sale at $100 less than the Craftsman I was looking at and had all the features I needed. It cost $119 and made me happy again.


It is a Schumacher and works great. The first weekend I used it to test a battery, charge another and even jump start a car with a totally dead battery. Not just run down, but the battery was completely dead and would not hold a charge. I have a feeling this charger will be around as long as I will. I stayed away from the high tech chargers and went with something a little more traditional. I am old school and still feel more comfortable with dials and needles. All those push buttons and digital readouts make me think when some minor thing goes wrong the entire unit has to go into the trash; no repairs possible.

The only disappointment I had was when I jumped the car with the charger. The first time it didn’t seem to work. I went back and read the directions. Did exactly as they said; let the battery charge for five minutes, turned the controls to the proper settings and gave it a try. The 200 amps is just a little weak to turn the V8 over like a new battery but hold the key for just a couple of seconds and the engine begins to turn and then faster and then it starts! The conditions have to be good. I am sure if the car was outside and it was below freezing the 200 amps would not be enough. That’s ok. That is what jumper cables are for. I bought this to use in the garage and it works great for that.

I highly recommend this unit and especially Norther Tool for having it on sale when I needed it.

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  1. D. Rock says:

    I have new alternator & new voltage regulator and my battery still go`s down.HELP me PLEASE.

  2. Richard says:

    You most likely have a short somewhere that is drawing electricity.

  3. D. Rock says:

    How would I find it.

  4. Mark Neal says:

    I love Schmacher car battery charger. It’s pricy a bit but it’s worth the money to buy! Anyway, this article was very helpful for me to recall that which chargers are great to have in my arsenal! Thanks and keep up the good work!

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