Ford Parts Interchange Manual, Book Review

fordparts0295-smallThis is one of the best tools you can have on your workbench if you are into the Mustang, Torino, Cyclone or Cougar. I have never given such books much attention in the past but have an entirely new respect for them now.

I picked this book up and it sat on my shelf for a long time after giving it a quick look over. Then, as things usually go, I need to find some parts for a Talladega and for the assembly of our 69 Cougar XR7 428 CJ. These are both difficult cars to find parts for.

With the help of this book I was able to locate the correct part from more accessible cars.

Here is what you will find in the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Engine

Chapter 2: Fuel Systems

Chapter 3: Oiling and Cooling Systems

Chapter 4: Exhaust Systems

Chapter 5: Transmissions

Chapter 6: Suspension and Steering Systems

Chapter 7: Brake Systems and Parking Brakes

Chapter 8: Wheels, Wheel Covers, and Wheel Trim

Chapter 9: Electrical Systems

Chapter 10: Sheet Metal/Body and Exterior Trim

Chapter 11: Interior

It is very simple to use. You look up your application for the part you need. The book then gives you an Interchange Number. You then go to those numbers and a list of other cars that used that part is provided. Depending on the part the part number, casting number or other description may be provided.



This book is published by Motorbooks and the author is Paul A. Herd.

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