Racers Reunion Inaugural Event, Old School Short Track Stock Car Racing!

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Racers Reunion Inaugural Event

July 18, 2998 Nashville Music Speedway

Geoff Bodines car

Practice, qualifying, autographs, racing and after the race hanging out; it was all there. It was three hours of the best fun an old racer could have. Who was there? Check this list out:

Car Number
Car Owner
Geoff Bodine
Mike Crow
Jack Ingram
John Leeland
D. K. Ulrich
David Sokol, Jr.
Randy Lajoie
Tim Haggard
Harry Gant
Wayne White
Joe Ruttman
Jeff Ladd
Dave Marcis
Steve Knight
Lake Speed
Howard Tucker
Larry Pollard
Duane King
Charles Glotzbach
Terry Jinnette
Sterling Marlin
Eddie Taylor

Take your NASCAR Sprint Cup and keep it on ESPN or where ever it is this weekend I want another Racers Reunion! For all you folks fed up with the goody goody boys in NASCAR and the template built all look a like race cars the answer is here. At least for one night in July at the Nashville Music Speedway the old days were back. If the stars align correctly and the racing Gods have their way, next year there will be Racers Reunions all over the Country and real racing will be back.

It wasn’t perfect. The cars were not equal and the crowd was small but the enthusiasm was high and the entertainment was unmatched. We LOVED it. Katrina and I used to go to 5 or 6 NASCAR Cup races every year. We maybe do one now. There isn’t one Cup race I wouldn’t miss just to catch one of these Reunions featuring the real stars of NASCAR on a short track!

Brian France has taken NASCAR so far from its roots that not even one of those Federal Revenuers that destroyed the illegal stills could not find a good race today in NASCAR.

The evening lasted three hours or more and included practice, qualifying, an autograph session, the race and an after the race gathering of fans and drivers on the front stretch.

At the autograph session we got to talk with Joe Ruttman who used to live just a few blocks from us in Upland, CA; we also talked with Charlie Glotzbach about the old days when he drove the awesome winged Dodge Daytona.

All of the drivers were very receptive and congenial. They would rather be racing but they know how much the fans need to see them and they tolerate us.

There were not a lot of drivers at the track in Nashville. Just 11 made the race but they all had spirit, history, talent and personality and they were loved by every fan in the stands. Thank you guys for showing up and demonstrating to young America what racing used to be like.

The video here contains a little of qualifying, racing and awards. One of the highlights of the evening is when Geoff Bodine in the 02 Monte Carlo is trying to pass Sterling Marlin in the 66 Monte Carlo. Geoff finally passes Sterling and goes on for the win. The door to door racing, lap after lap, on a short track is what it used to be like.

Congratulations to Geoff for this win and thank you Geoff for all your hard work on the American Olympics Bob Sleds.

What was the best part of the night? There was no part better than the others but we really enjoyed going onto the track after the race and mixing with the drivers and touching the cars. It was just like a regular Friday night race but the stars were out and it was a full moon. Long live the racers!

Geoff wins 2 (Small)

Dave Marcis 2 (Small) (2)

55 Chevy (Small)

This is a 55 Chevy show car that was at the event.

Click above to view Nashville Racers’ Reunion Highlights.

David Marcis (Small)

Dave Marcis and Jack Ingram

Larry Pollard (Small)

Larry Pollard

Charlie Glotzbach (Small) (2)

Charlie Glotzbach

Jack Ingram (Small)

Jack Ingram

Joe Ruttman (Small)

Joe Ruttman

Lake Speed (Small)

Lake Speed

Randy Lajoie

Randy Lajoie

Geoff Bodine

Geoff Bodine

Harry Gant (Small)

Harry Gant

Sterling Marlin (Small)

Sterling Marlin

Sterling Marlin 3 (Small)

Sterling is sitting on the wall next to his car waiting to start the race.

Randy Lajoie 2 (Small)

Randy Lajoie’s car.

Dave Marcis 2 (Small) (2)

Dave Marcis was in a Richard Petty look alike car.

D K Ulrich (Small)

D. K. Ulrich car.

Jack Ingram (Small)

Jack Ingram’s car for the night.

Joe Ruttman (Small)

Joe Ruttman’s ride.

IMG_9408 (Small)

Charles Glotzbach (Small)

Charlie Glotzbach’s car. No MOPAR!

Fri Night pits (Small)

Everyone in the pits working and sharing, never see that in NASCAR today.

Larry Pollard (Small)

Larry Pollard car, looks like an old Wrangler car!

Harry Gant (Small)

Harry Gant withour a 33 on the side. Next time I hope they can find a car with the right number for Harry!

Geoff Bodines car

Geoff’s car after the race on the front stretch.

Charles Glotzbach and Katrina

Katrina and Charlie Glotzbach

Larry Pollard

Larry Pollard by his ride.

DK Ulrich

DK and his ride for the night.

Geoff Bodine's car

Geoff’s winning ride.

Randy Lajoie's car

Randy Lajoie car.

helmet autograph

Katrina and I took this helmet to the autograph session and got every driver and every car owner at the Inagural Racers Reunion to sign it! This will go in our trophy case and be proudly displayed for years to come!

Thank you drivers and owners.

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  1. EXCEllent pictures, thank you for posting. I hope they come around here soon.

    I just wish marics or ingram could have won

  2. jeff belt says:

    geoff b did a great job in my car that night. it was a night that i will never forget, seeing alot of drivers that i used to race around my living room floor to. it was a honor to let him or any nascar racer race my car. i will have memoires FOREVER!!! thanks

  3. Jeff & Terri Ladd says:

    Joe Ruttman drove our car #40. It was an honor for our family to meet and spend the day with Joe and his wife.We heard many racing stories, Meeting all the legends of Nascar was pretty awesome. Thanks to the Old Time Racers Reuion for coming to Nashville and allowing us to have a memory of a life time.

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