Paul Tracy Indy Car Champion

Paul TracyEveryone most likely knows who Paul Tracy is. Some know him as the Chrome Horn others as just PT. To everyone he is one aggressive driver of open wheel Indy Cars. He has been controversial and popular. He visited our site recently and has agreed to an interview which we will be bring you sometime soon.

The most amazing news? He now owns the Radical Rat Rod featured else where on this site. When I asked him what other special interest cars he had, he simply said he had a sand car and a truck. He sent some pictures I will share with you here.

He said he really didn’t own any fast cars. I guess a 1,500 HP sand car isn’t fast to an Indy Car Star!

If you are on the streets of Las Vegas keep your eyes open for a wild man in a Radical Rat Rod. It just may be PT. He says he has some ideas for some more wild modifications to this wild ride.

Radical Rat Rod

If that isn’t enough for you here is another new ride of PT’s.


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