Muscle Car Show: Forge Invitational Muscle Car Show 2007 Coverage


I have seen a lot of muscle cars and been to my share of car shows but the Forge Muscle Car Show is one of the very best in the Country! Unfortunately, it has had a hard time finding a permanent home but when it does it will undoubtedly grow to even higher standards. What you will find when you go to this once a year show is some of the very best cars you will ever see with the laid back owners right there to talk with you. What you see may be the only collector car they own or they may have a collection as large and as impressive as Dolly Parton’s bra!

We saw an original Boss 429 Mustang with less than 1,000 miles on it, Hemi everything including a barn find prototype, race cars, pace cars and more. I had bruises on my jaw from it hitting the ground so often. This is one show Katrina and I definitely will do again.

No words, just look at enjoy.















I know I said no words just pictures but you have to know I have been looking for these two particular cars for years. I have seen them in magazines and have been told about them but could never find them at a show. Now I have seen them and even spent time talking to the owner and learning more about them. They are two 1970 Ford/Mercury prototypes. They were to be specially built just to qualify for superspeedways and be the NASCAR competition killers. The orange one is the never produced 1970 Mercury Spoiler II and the yellow car is the never produced 1970 Ford King Cobra. These were the follow ups to the 1969 Mercury Spoiler II and Ford Talladega.

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