1968 Mercury Cougar for “Betty Boop”

Young married couple Bettie and Bill Wassel once bought a new 1968 Mercury Cougar. Unfortunately, like so many of us they sold it a few years later to purchase a new car. However, Bettie still thought of that Cougar often and wished she could have another. However, after retirement such acquisitions are not usually in the budget.

Husband Bill, friend George and several other Murfreesboro, Tennessee car guys decided Bettie was way too special not get her dream. They set off on a task that would take well over a year but would bring a huge smile and many tears to Bettie’s eyes.

Bill and friends acquired a sound 68 Cougar in need of a complete restoration and did just that. When the annual cruises started up for 2010 in Murfreesboro the “boys” were ready. The like new 68 Cougar was sitting in the parking lot of the Murfreesboro Hot Rod Club cruise on May 7, 2010 when Bettie and Bill walked up. The sign on the windshield said it all; This Car Belongs to Bettie Wassel!”

The video below records those moments.

Car guys are special people but when they have a special woman in their life there is no stopping them. There was a lot of love at that cruise!

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