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Richard Fleener's 1969 Ford Talladega

Check out our latest Flashback feature for Muscle Car TV on Spike TV’s Power Block on our 1969 Ford Talladega!  Click Here.

On these pages you will have an opportunity to see what we and the owners think of their cars. How do they drive? What do we like? What don’t we like?

We will include videos, photos, interviews and research. Hope you enjoy them!

EPSIODE 1: 1969 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough Spoiler; Richard and Katrina Fleener Owners.

Katrina Fleener's 1965 Thunderbird Convertible

Like to cruise country roads with the wind in your hair? Take a look at this clip from Muscle Car TV and see Katrina’s red hair and her 1965 Thunderbird Convertible. This was a fun shoot, Katrina really loved it. Click Here.

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

When NASCAR built Super Speedways, this is the car Mercury sent to the track. A very one of a kind Spoiler II. Learn what makes it a Special. Muscle Car TV shows you ours. I enjoyed this but we actually broke an engine mount during the driving sequence and had to come back a second day. Click Here.



This is a CAR AND DRIVER TV feature on our Dan Gurney Spoiler II before we purchased it. There are some great old NASCAR photos and race videos in this feature. It also has several good driving shots of the car including a burn out! Click Here.

Spoiler I and II

What’s the difference between a Mercury Spoiler and Spoiler II? Watch this clip from Muscle Car TV and learn. Much of this was shot at our house over a two day period. I still can’t believe it takes 6 too 8 hours of tape to make 3 to 5 minutes of on-air TV time. Click Here.



Like Power Block? Like Courtney Hansen? Check out these clips from Power Block. This was really fun. I was on set in the “Green Room” for all the Courtney shots. This gal is terrific. I was very impressed at her professionalism and one shot takes. She is a real pro. Click Here.

His and hers Mercury Cyclones

The Forge Muscle Car show is one of the best in the Country. Here is a clip from ESPN2’s coverage of the 2007 Show. They really don’t understand these cars and didn’t do there homework. The descriptions are not accurate and leave a lot to be desired. Turn it on anyway it is entertaining, just don’t believe everything the “judges” say. Click Here.


Talladega at Nashville Superspeedway

Heard about the 1969 Ford Talladega but not sure what one looks like or why they are sooo special? Watch this clip from American Muscle Car and learn all about them. Our cars are not in this episode but it is extremely well done and very educational. I wish American Muscle Car would go back and do some more shows.  Click Here.


Gloriana: Official Music Video

Here is a great video on building the first production car on an assembly line, the Model T Ford! You will want to watch this more than once.



This is a video of a complete Nationwide drivers’ meeting taped at Nashville Superspeedway.

Like Yenko or COPO Camaros, check these out.

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  1. Sherri Evans says:


    since finding your site yesterday was exploring a bit more you have a lot of interesting stuff…love the animals too!

    Also love the drive-in touch on the Spoiler comparison clip.

    We try to catch as many old drive-ins as possible when traveling to the car shows.

    We made it to Watertown last Sept. when we were down for the Music City Mopar show

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