Ford Small Bock does 782.5 HP

We don’t usually get real technical on this site. We are more about the entire car and having fun with it than building the biggest engine you can. Although we do have some good friends who live to make maximum horsepower. Rick Stanton is one of those. You know him from the Boss 429 Powered Ford Talladega that is done up as a Benny Parsons tribute car and has graced the pages of Hot Rod!

Rick just sent over some dyno data on a new Ford 378 cu in Nascar Cleveland engine and set of heads he put together. These are some amazing number.

As you can see from the information below that these heads have the potential to make 785 hp. On this run the engine made 782.5 @ 8,000 rpm.

It looks and performs like a true NASCAR small block engine. It also produces HP like a NASCAR small block!

This engine is now making almost 400 (397.9) lb. ft. of tq. from the beginning of the pull peaking at 545.6 @ 7,000 rpm and still making 513.7 tq @ 8,000 rpm, with a average of 483.35 tq. from 4,000 to 8,000 rpm.

Rick said he also found you can’t trust these timing lights with the dials on them for setting timing , the one he was using at the dyno shop was off 5 degrees compared to a regular timing light.

Here is a video of the dyno during the run.

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