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Mercury Cyclone Spoiler; Restoration Phase 3 – Discovery

These photos show additional discoveries we made as the paint came off. Although a very solid car there were still surprises under the paint. We knew there was some hail damage from its days in Iowa and suspected a little rust might be present int he body. Unfortunately there were a couple of “butt” dents in the top and few little rust spots in unusual places. The dents were massaged out, rust cut out and all the small imperfections smoothed over.



This is before the bondo was removed on these two panels and the discovery was made.


The passenger door and front fender turned out to be a little worse than we wanted to work with so good solid original parts were used to replace these two panels.


The photo above and the one below show the unacceptable repairs from before. These repair patches were welded on top of the original sheet metal. The bondo work was so good it was very difficult to spot by the naked eye prior to paint removal. We cut these out and replaced them with patches butt welded and finished off to be all but impossible to tell from new.



Looks like a lot of bondo to fix this dent but it all got sanded away except for a few very minor little dimples.




Again, this bondo was soon sanded away and left just a minor amount to fill in the few remaining last low spots.

Next time we start more repairs.


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