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1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 428 CJ Cale Yarborough Special Restoration: Phase 1 The Start

On this page you will be able to follow the restoration process of our 1969 Cale Yarborough Special. It took us over a year for the restoration shop to complete the process. The car is done and has been featured in Mustangs and Fords magazine. What you will see here, posted over the next few weeks, is the complete photo documentation of that effort. We will let the photos do the talking but will add some commentary along the way where we think it will be useful. Enjoy.

The tear down begins. The car was not in that bad of condition to begin with.










Although not in bad condition, it was far from a show car or quality restoration. Our intent was not to have a restoration comparable to the factory correct standard but rather a solid, original driver that will hold its own at most shows.

Next will be the tear down continues and the paint comes off.


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