1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Spoiler

Updated: 1-17-2011

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

This is a muscle car project that belongs to friends of ours in California; Erin and Lou Whitfield. It is a true barn find. This will be a long term project but we will keep you informed as it moves forward. These photos were taken as the car was being loaded up for its trip home. It just got a bath at the local car wash and will need more than that before it hits the street again.

It is a 351 Windsor with air. These Dan Gurney Specials are very rare making this one terrific find. For more on the Spoilers and Spoiler IIs you can Click Here.

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney Special

Lou and Erin have some other interesting cars to keep them happy until the Gurney car is finished.

1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 and 1969 Mercury Cyclone

Here are the most recent photos of Lou and Erin’s Project Spoiler. From the photos this looks like one really solid old Gurney Car! Erin, keep us posted on Lou’s work.

See any rust? NO!

Lou has got this shell cleaned out!

Don’t you wish your floors looked this good.

Inside of firewall, looking at steering column and top of cowel.

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  1. james meadows says:

    I hope you have as much fun restoring yours as I did mine. I wonder if you have registered it yet? The marti-report is a waste of money too, they know nothing about the “cheater” cars used by ford. Mine was a W nose 390 car first in the registry, went at the Kruse auction

  2. rfleener says:

    James, Actually, I hope to never restore the Gurney car, it is all original and want to keep it that way. Did your W nose Gurney have air and a blue rear spoiler? I may have visited with you by email before it went to the auction. I think it was also a 4 speed car if I am remembering correctly, a very nice car.

  3. AARON says:



    HAVE A MINT BLUE DASH 1-717-578-3470

  5. James Meadows says:

    Mine did have factory A/C with a blue spoiler but it was Auto.

  6. Bill Jesmer says:

    So how many W nose Cale and Gurney cars (Spoilers, not Spoiler IIs) were really built? I have seen some info on this site this website and others but the numbers differ. I’m looking at a W nose Cale car with a 351 auto and was curious how many were really built.

  7. rfleener says:

    The information I have comes from a special research I paid Marti Report to conduct. They came up with 352 Dan Gurney Special Cyclone Spoilers produced and 617 Cale Yarborough Special Cyclone Spoilers produced. Please note these are not and do not include Cyclone Spoiler II cars. I can not comment on the validity of any other numbers that might be out there. The best thing for you to do is take the VIN number fromt the car and have a Marti Report ran on it.

  8. Bill Jesmer says:

    Thanks for the info. I do have a copy of the Marti report for the car and it shows 1025 Cyclone Spoilers and it states in the text “This Cyclone Spoiler is a Cale Yarborough Special”. I read on another webpage your info about the discrepancy of 56 cars. Interesting stuff. The report says it is a deluxe report. Is there another level Marti report that states how many were built with the 351 and auto?

  9. rfleener says:

    Bill, The best thing to do is contack the Marti Report folks and ask to have a special search done. You will pay them by the hour to do the work. You have to ask single and specific questions. You can ask how many Cyclone Spoilers were built with a 351 and automatic or you can ask how many Cale Yarborough Spoilers were built with a 351 automatic. Two different questions and two different answers. You can also ask both questions. You could also ask how many were built with a 351; how many with a 351 and 4-speed etc. If you decide to have the questions asked and don’t mind please let me know what the results are. Maybe if we collect enough answers the missing 56 will show up!

  10. davd mcgrath says:

    Very interesting find I love these finds I read about I like old school cars especially fords. I also found a rare car in arizona a few years ago a 1968 r code super cobra jet 1970 mach 1 only about 300 something made I also have a 1968. California special 289 I got out there I’m restoring tht one now and the r code later good luck with your restoration…..david

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