1969 Jerry Petersen Camaro

1969 Z28 Camaro Race Car

1969 Jerry Petersen Camaro “Original Trans-Am Series History”
Built to Penske/Donahue specs from the GM engineering drawings. Period correct fresh restoration on a very well sorted, well documented origial car.


1969 Chevrolet Z-28 Camaro
Trans-Am Series Race Car
SCCA Log book 18-494
Jerry Petersen, Chardon, OH.

This West Coast, Historic Trans-Am Group Accepted, ’69 Z/28 Camaro has a HMSA Log Book along with its SVRA and original SCCA Log Books. This Camaro’s track record has proven it to be one of the fastest, most developed and sorted first generation Historic Racing Camaros in the country. It still retains its Trans-Am spec, all iron 302 ci. Engine, Borg-Warner super T-10 Transmission and J-56 Brakes. A complete cosmetic restoration has recently been finished and it has a set of Minilite wheels and a Mark Donohue Seat (not shown).

In the fall of 1971 Richie Allin race prepared this theft recovered 1969 Z-28 Camaro to replace Jerry Petersen’s 1967 Camaro he destroyed at drivers school. This Penske-Donohue Spec. Camaro was built to specifications from the GM drawings provided by Donohue and Vince Piggens, who he had met the previous season.

This car was painted bright blue metallic with unique red and white stripes crossing the roof and going down the rear quarter panels and ran large number 87’s. This unique paint was found in photos in the early log book and was used to find its original identity through Road America records. Richie Allin inspected and verified the car at a historic race event Mid-Ohio in 1990 and has provided a wealth of original documents and photos.

Race History:
The Petersen Camaro ran in four races in the Trans-Am Series in 1972.
June 4th Mid-Ohio – finished 31st
June 18th Watkins Glen – finished 10th
July 4th Donnybrooke – finished 9th
July 15th Road America – finished 30th
Various SCCA Regional and National events between 1975 and 1982
Various Historic Racing events 1988 through 2006

Ownership Chain:
The Camaro sat in storage after crashing in the 1972 Road America Trans-Am. Rod Harris of Fargo, ND. Purchased and raced it in the SCCA in 1975-1982. Greg Schneider of Grand Forks, ND. Purchased it in 1988 and prepared and raced it in vintage racing. Carl Jensen of Mazomie, WI. Bought it in 1989, restored the Camaro’s body to 1972 specifications to go along with its all original chassis, roll cage and tub. For sixteen seasons Carl had been competing in East Coast and Mid-West vintage venues. In 2008 a complete cosmetic detailed restoration was completed by Lance Smith of Huntington Cars.




  1. I,m looking for info on the 69 dodge Daytona that set the 200 mph record at Telladega with Buddy Baker driving.
    It was painted Petty blue, with the 88, it was found in a field in Iowa by a Chrysler employee twenty years after it
    raced in 1974 as a USSAC 73 Charger. Has this car finished its restoration back to the original Daytona..

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