Smokey Yunick’s Hot Vapor Fiero Owned by Tony Allers

Who is Tony Allers? Why does he have this once lost and who some believe nonexistent Smokey Yunick Fiero?

Smokey Yunick Fiero

Tony has a rich history which all comes into play with his quest for the rare Smokey Fiero.


  • -is a retired Detective with the Anchorage, Alaska Police Force;

  • -once had a business building luxury buses for music stars in Nashville;

  • -has been a drag racer;

  • -is a Building Inspector for the City of Hendersonville, Tennessee; and,

  • -has built, in his garage, a two year Champion Show Car on the ISCA circut.

As you can tell he is a serious car guy.

I am sure his skills as a Detective have come in handy in finding, researching and restoring the Smokey Yunick Fiero. I am also sure that his car building skills are far above the normal build it yourself gearhead.

Smokey Yunick Fiero

You know your are at a car guys house! Tony and his wife have a sense of humor.

Smokey Yunick Fiero

Tony is married to one of those special women who are involved with their gearhead husbands. Tony installed this special window so she could watch him work in the garage from her kitchen!

Smokey Yunick Fiero

How about a door from the parts room at the Best Damn Garage in Town!

Smokey Yunick Fiero

Here are some original Smokey Yunick custom ground cams with his hand written notes attached. This is real automotive history.

Smokey Yunick Fiero

For all you young bucks out there that think digital gauges have been around for ever, here is an original test wheel that mounts on the back of a car to record data. Pick up any old magazine from decades gone by and you will see one of these attached to the back of a test car.

Smokey Yunick Fiero

Shelves and stock direct from the original Best Damn Garage in Town.

Tony has equiped himself with a shop that is very functional while also being surrounded with treasures from Smokey’s Best Damn Garage In Town. Walking into Tony’s garage is a lot like visiting a diarama in a museum. The garage functions and is very clean but is also a historical vault of all things Smokey from spark plugs to complete motors and posters.

In his driveway sits a big block Avalanche that looks like a Chevy prototype. It has SS Avalanche decals and a special hood. Painted in black and very clean it could pass for a stock GM truck that was never built. Tony built it because Chevy didn’t he thought they should. I also own an Avalanche and love it but I would trade it in a second for an SS like Tony’s.



He isn’t quite done with it though. Next up he wants to build a big block Hot Vapor Engine for it and tow his new show car! When he gets it done it should put to rest the last of the skeptics on these engines.

What about those show cars? I can show you pictures and tell you about the first one but you have to wait for the details on the new one. However, I will be doing a complete record of its progress from now until completion and hope to cover it when it shows up at the Autorama in Detroit next March. Here is a teaser for you.


Want to see what he has completed? Click Here to see his ISCA Champion “CAPRICEOUS”.


  1. Hello,

    I am so glad there are people like you and Smokey out there! People who know there is a better way than the way detroit (or south america now) tells us it has to be.
    I was born an engineer but have just now started my degree. (40 yrs old)

    I wish I could help on the vapor cycle engine. I designed and built an experimental alcohol distillation system that uses a heat pump to re cycle the heat lost in the column and am now working on a heat reflecting steam engine that is similar in concept (no heat removing devices) to Smokey’s engine.

    If you have some kind of a mailing list to show people your progress on the new engine I would love to be on it.

    Thank you for your time and I wish you the best progress on your new vapor cycle engine.

  2. Hey Tony, how goes the big block Smokey motor conversion? I have not heard from you in quite awhile. I think I have worked out a slight innovation on what Smokey had going and am curious what you might think of the idea. Maybe I will just have to build it and see. I’d love to see your approach to heating the intake manifold.
    Gene Climer
    503-642-2017 (Home)
    503-267-1648 (Cell)

  3. I am a Smokey collector as well. Saw the Fiero at the sale ended up with Smokeys Best Dam Garage truck.

  4. Tony, I have a GM 2.5 cyl. head that I bought at Smokey’s first garage sale. It was nicely ported and blended and has vortec style combustion chambers. It looks like it was never installed. Someone spent alot of time on it. It may belong with the hot-vapor project. Would you be interested in it? I have a reciept and note of athenticity from Smokey’s daughter. I live in the Daytona area and bought it as a momento of the great engineer whom I had met and admired. Dave

  5. I have been working on alt motors since before The “Hot Vapor” articals. I frist saw it in “circle track” back in the day. Made me happy to see that The big guys were looking at the same things I was. At the time had no idea about all that went on behind the scenes within and without Detroit. In the recent reprint in “Hot Rod” I noticed a sentence disscussing control of the “burn rate of the hydrogen molecule” in the fuel. Since you have a great deal of knowledge about “Hot Vapor” and contact with Ralph Johnson. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this?

  6. Mr. Allers,
    Are there any plans to share Smokey’s Secret Hot Vapor Detail with his public? I get the notion that we must rather appear like scavenger birds making nice with you so we can get something. I am very sorry for that. Certainly, I believe the secret should be shared if it is known. Would you consider this? Thank you.
    Carter Lee

    Carter Lee

  7. Has anyone notified any of our government officials, the E.P.A. or our car manufacturers about the technology used in this clean burning fuel efficient car?

  8. I’d love to have this technology in my ’68 Mustang…however, I imagine that sharing the technology publicly would prove to be a bad move for Mr. Allers. I don’t know him at all, but I imagine that there is a monetary figure he has in mind. It would be nice if this was shared like motor heads used to do back in the day, however these days it seems everyone wants to keep everything a secret either for profit or just because.

    Mr. Allers, if you find yourself near Jackson, TN look me up, I have a Mustang for you to tinker on… 🙂

  9. I know the secret to smokeys engine, contact me. I also have an intimate uderstanding of the innerworkings of the design and know how to implement it into a larger engine, AKA v-8. Key note, smokey only used this “trick” on smaller displacement engines for a reason, why would he cut a v-6 in half? I however, can implement this technology into use on larger displament motors, as well as increase fuel economy even more.

    Sgt Kevin A. Davies, USMC
    seven six oh, 4 six 4, thirty 7 sixtynine

  10. Hello..
    Would you ask Tony Allers, owner of Smokey Yunick’s hot vapor Fiero, to contact me. I would like for any “Smokey Collector” that might know what color the 1956 Chevy stub nosed truck he used for many years as a tow truck was when he used it from 1956-68. I would also like to speak to “Les”, who evidently bought his later truck. I would like to restore this truck or sell it to someone
    who is serious about restoring it as a tribute to the great Smokey Yunick.
    Mickey Hoge

  11. I have a 1988 Pontiac fiero 2.5 5speed that I have had since I was 12 yrs old now 24 and am going to restore it it an would love to learn how to do the hot vapor on it since I am currently trying to do a cold vapor on my 94 suburban with no luck at all if you would like to contact me an at least give a point in the rite direction for my fiero it would be greatly appreciated this car has been in my family for 12 yrs now an will be for another 50 ….Up in Ohio 9379255894

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