1937 Chevy Panel Truck, Steve Fox

1937 Chevy PanelThis car is owned and built by an old high school chum from Oskaloosa, Iowa. Steve Fox and I sat next to each other in homeroom all the way through high school. We both spent more time drawing pictures than listening to teacher MS Draper! Steve built this outstanding rod to be driven and driven it has been. He currently has logged over 40,000 miles on this beautiful machine and it looks like he just finished it.

Keep on truckin Steve! Seems like only yesterday we were drawing stuff like this on our notebooks; dreams do come true.

1937 Chevy Panel

1937 Chevy Panel

1937 Chevy Panel

1937 Chevy Panel

1937 Chevy Panel

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  1. Steve Fox says:

    It was a nice surprise to see this on your website. It was great seeing you at the class reunion. It brought back a lot of memories. Your El Camino is the NICEST ONE I’ve ever seen! Keep up the good work, and stay in touch.

    Steve Fox

  2. rfleener says:

    Steve, It was a great time. Who knows maybe we can start a trend with all of us old gearheads driving our classic cars and hot rods to class reunions! Can you imagine how much fun that would be if a class reunion also looked like a car show? Keep me posted on any new projects and your “little” brothers Elky.

  3. Danney Ball says:

    popular misconception … this is a sedan delivery … not a panel truck … but a beauty it is anyhow! db

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