Back In The Day, Cars from our early years!

The only rules for this page, send us your photos of when you were young and had the car of your dreams. We want to see all those old photos from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even some 80s. Should be at least 25 years old; the photos, not you! Your name and info is optional but we would like to list it with the photos. A little background on the photo would be great.

Here are a couple to get it started.


I apologize for the quality of the photo, but, it is one of the few that I have of this car.  I took this picture with a 110 camera in about 1977.  The car is a 1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport – my high school hotrod.  It wasn’t the fastest car in the county, but it was fast enough. What it was, though, was unique. There wasn’t another like it here, or probably anywhere else, either).  It was big, flashy, loud, quick, and drank huge quantities of gas.  But, it didn’t matter.  It was mine!

I installed dual exhaust on the thing shortly after I bought it in July of 1976.  It had 2 1/2″ chrome straight pipes that exited just in front of the rear tires.  These straight pipes had mufflers welded on the outside, so that the car looked like it had a legal exhaust system.  The passenger side would belch flames about 2′ – 3′ long whenever I kicked it down into passing gear, due to an over-rich fuel mixture and a slightly burnt valve in one cylinder head.  I even installed a set of yellow fog lights behind the front grill that caused the entire front end of the car to have a yellow glow at night.  I may never have become a famous race car driver, but the sight of that car passing the school bus on a foggy road in the pre-dawn light generated some great looks of amazement on those faces pressed to the glass, not to mention a lot of whispering during our “home room” period during the first 15 minutes of school.

It had a 351 W with a few “minor” alterations.  (You’d be amazed at the performance parts you could find in the tractor supply places back in the 1970’s.)   I wonder where it is today…probably long gone to a big crusher.  It went away during our early years of marriage, fortunately, my wife felt guilty about making me get rid of it, and she allowed me to buy a “suitable replacement” a few years ago – enter the Talladega.  I may miss that Torino, but, I sure do enjoy my Talladega.

Carl Sharp
Liberty, IN”


My very first Corvette. It is a 1962 and this was a great summer day at Ledges State Park near Ames, Iowa in 1968 when I was a senior in college.


1959 Studebaker Hawk. This was around 1965. The picture was taken at my parents home. This was the first car I was proud of. I had other cars before but this one I built and I was thrilled with it and it was fun to drive. Needless to say I didn’t follow the croud even then…a Studebaker? I had a couple of these Hawks over the years and they were great cars.


This is the 1980 Corvette I still have. The photo is from the mid 80s and the only thing real in this photo is the Corvette! Everything else is a flat piece of wood with a painted mural on it, honest! The truck is one stand up, each figure is a cutout and the garage is just a flat billboard painted in great detail. What a great picture opp.


Friends Steve and Nancy Whitaker and his 1969 Chevelle SS. A cornfield for a backdrop. How romantic and how Iowa.

Send us you old photos, if we like them, we’ll post them right here.


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