1969 Ford Talladega

Ford Aero Cars

There are a lot of articles on this site about the 1969 Ford Talladega and its sister cars the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler and Spoiler II. Because there are so many pages devoted to these cars you may not be visiting all of them. We love these rare cars and want people to learn more about them. In 2010 we helped put on the first ever Ford Talladega (and Mercury Spoiler II) Family Reunion held in conjunction with the Forge Muscle Car Show.

Because we have so many pages of information devoted to the Talladega and Spoiler II cars we have developed an entire site devoted to just these cars. In addition that site includes the first ONLINE REGISTRY FOR THE 1969 FORD TALLADEGA, 1969 MERCURY CYCLONE SPOILER AND SPOILER II, THE 1969 MERCURY CYCLONE COLOR CODE CARS PLUS THE 1968 MERCURY CYCLONE GT 500 CARS (simply click here). We encourage you to visit that site as well as use the Search feature on this site to find out more about these rare and desirable cars.

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