Chevy Convertible Collection by Dennis Albaugh, Ankeny, Iowa

I recently toured the outstanding Albaugh collection of every Chevrolet Convertible built between 1913 through 1975. However, there was more! Not only has Dennis Albaugh put together an extremely impressive collection of Chevy convertibles he also has some very rare sedans and hardtops. This includes Yenkos, Australian Holdans and some one offs. As if it isn’t enough to just have one of each convertible Chevrolet ever built Albaugh is constantly on the lookout for improving his collection by ever increasing the quality of his cars. I was not only surprised by the quality but also by the rarity of many of the examples on display.

How about a 1961 SS 409 4-speed convertible or a special order orange 62 convertible. There are many more but those caught my eye.

In addition to Dennis Albaugh I need to thank his curator and master restorer, Andy Snetselaar for allowing be the distinct pleasure of touring and photographing this private collection. THIS IS A PRIVATE COLLECTION AND IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, DON’T ASK! However, one time a year the Albaugh Classic car show is held on site and the public is welcome to tour the collection on that day and that day only. If you want to find out more please visit the Albaugh Classic web site. At the owner’s request I can not tell you the address of the collection. I will tell you this collection is located in Ankeny, Iowa. You can find all the information you need on the Albaugh Classic web site. Here is a video of my visit you might enjoy.

The following photos are but a small sampling of the 15o cars on display. You can click on any image to see a larger view of the photo.

If you would like to see a little more of the Albaugh Collection click here to see a previous story on the collection.


  1. I would like to know if there is a car show open for the public. Or did i miss it? Please email me back. Thank You Joyce Bausman

  2. Hello
    I have for sale a Beautiful Restored numbers matching 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible with a corvette Pkg , Please go to kensconsignments click on inventory and see pictures and details.
    Thank you
    Ken Spinski Dacula Ga 678 414 9557

  3. Hello. I recently started doing some genealogy work on the Albaugh family and found your web page. My part of the family stayed in Maryland but I have discovered there were several family members who moved to Iowa. And, since I uses to be a “car nut” (back when I had a 67 Camaro RS and 41 Chevy P/U) I thought I would so WOW !!! What a great collection ! I bet Jay Leno would be jealous. You should be very proud.

    r/Wayne Albaugh
    P.S. Now that I’m retired, I might be interested in a road trip to Iowa, so when is that one day visitation?

  4. We are passing through to go see the movin on truck up north. Can’t find anything for 2014 that says how a person might get a chance to see these cars. Please email any infO you can. Thanks

  5. Hi, My wife and I will be in Iowa around the second week in September on holiday touring around
    the northern States of the USA. Having driven along Route’66 last year visiting several car museums it would have been wonderful to visit this collection, no chance I suppose ?


    Terry Perkins

  6. Terry, we have no direct connection with the Ankeny Iowa collection of Chevy convertibles. It is a private collection not open to the public other than one day a year as a charity fund raiser. I suggest you contact the local chamber of commerce to see if they know when the next date is.

  7. Hi I was wondering if any of the cars are for sale?? I am a serious buyer and looking for a 1969 Camaro preferred unmolested survivor. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks Pierre

  8. Could you please let me know when or if we could view the Chevys. Thank you so much.
    And do you know Pinky the Chevy man?

  9. Our web site has no connection with the collection. You must contact them directly to see if and when the collection may be open to the public.

  10. Is the collection ever open for viewing? I am a member of the University of Okoboji Corvette Club and would like to arrange a club event to view the car collection if that is possible.

  11. Hi, was wandering if you would be interested or able to provide any info or valuation on a 1939 chev roadster GM Australian delivered right hand drive. Its a standard, 2 door convertible with dickie seat (rumbler) 

    Car needs restoration but was garaged app 30years ago in a registered drivable condition. I believe its 1 of 88 built.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. I was wondering if and if so when The Albaugh car collection show will be. My Husband has wanted to come for years and we always miss the date.

  13. Would love to know what the date is that it is open to the public. My husband is a collector. We would love to fly up to see these beautiful collection.

  14. Hello

    My father and I cherish Classic cars, and spend a lot of time enjoying car shows. Three years ago, I was told about this personal museum by a good friend of mine who was allowed to stop and see the cars. My father and I travel from Texas to Minnesota and have driven by there the last two years, hoping someone might be there. I am not sure how many years, if any, I will have to make this trip, and would love to stop by to visit and see the amazing collection. This would be an amazing surprise for my father that I would enjoy as well.

    I am not sure if there are any contract numbers to reach this museum, or I would politely call to check. My father and I will be leaving Texas this Sunday (August 20th) to reach Kansas City. Monday (August 21st) my father and I will be passing by.

    At my fathers age, it would be so meaningful for this to be possible.

    Steve W.

  15. we have a very nice collection of 1957 chevy memorible that we think you may be interest in .from franklin mint to radios,too much to list if your interest in it i can send you all the pics . thank you for your time and you do have a wonderfull collection.

  16. we have a very nice collection of 1957 chevy memorible that we think you may be interest in .from franklin mint to radios,too much to list if your interest in it i can send you all the pics . thank you for your time and you do have a wonderfull collection. we live in lakeland florida our phone # is area code 863 8582477 or cell # 863 3935909

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