Corvette Museum; One Minute Tour and More


If you like cars and appreciate Corvettes you want to go to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. If you love Corvettes then you must go to the Museum! It is a shrine and a toy store; a Church and an amusement park all in one if you are into Corvettes.

Corvette Museum

Corvette MuseumFor Corvette lovers, and I am one having owned, driven, showed and raced Corvettes since the late 60s, the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY is hallowed ground. I have visited many times and look forward to visiting again. In addition to all the regular exhibits there are always a few new Corvettes in the “Nursery” awaiting delivery to their new parents! There is a special place for these cars and a special “Delivery” Room where all can watch. It makes a Corvette parent proud.Below are some photos from my last visit as well as a ONE MINUTE VIDEO (with Route 66 music background) tour of the museum. Not everything is included but enough to wet your appetite.More good news, the Museum is now constructing a large new addition for more cars and more fun!

If you want to know more about the damage from the Corvette Museum Sink Hole, Click Here.

CorvetteMuseum2 Click Here to see Corvette Museum Tour Video

ZO6 at the Plant and Museum

Here I am parked in front of the Assembly Plant, the tour is just as important as the Museum, but make reservations.Corvette Parking

“Corvette Parking Only” signs are not for decorations, they mean it! At the assembly plant they have GM car parking only with sign that “Others will be Towed”!

Corvette Nursery

These are brand new ZO6s awaiting delivery to their new owners at the Museum. How cool is that!

427 C6

Car and Driver Vette

Corvette racer

Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum

I always enjoy the past prototypes that are on display.

Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum

This is one of my favorite race cars of all time.

Corvette Museum Corvette Museum Corvette MuseumAutographed 66 signWe all got Route 66 signs, but the Museum has one autographed by Tod and Buzz! Now that is one I want.

Corvette Museum

Speaking of Tod and Buzz and Route 66.

Corvette Museum Zora's Car Ever want to see Zors’s personal Corvette? Here it is!Corvette MuseumAmerican Pride!

Corvette Museum




  1. we want to visit your corvette museum in ocala,fl. will it be open in july ?. thank you

  2. The Corvette Museum on this web site is located in Bowling Green, KY. I do not know of one in Ocala. The Museum in Ocala is the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing and well worth the visit if you are into drag racing.

  3. I may have a 62 Shriner Corvette. It had the three speed tran, was purple with red interior. The ID number is 20867S108209. Can you help me with this ID. Your help on this is greatly appreicated. You can reach me at 704-279-8431 or e-mail address

    Thank you
    Jeff Powlas

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