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Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, Tennessee

If you like cars you have to visit the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. There is not one single muscle car in the building but you will have a wonderful time if you like cars. I guarantee you will see something there you have never seen before.

You want to have a small car that gets good MPG, this is the place to look  if you want a vintage ride. That muscle car may be fast and might get some looks at a cruise but it gets 10 MPG on a good day. Pull up at the local A&W in any one of these and you will be surrounded and you will be doing it on a fraction of the gas in your Hemi.


This isn’t the smallest car int the museum but it is my favorite. This is what streamlined use to mean.


You think a split window 63 Corvette is cool? How about this?




Not everything at the museum is about being small and minimalistic.


Line em up and pick one. Which one do you want?


Check out the skirts on the Front Fenders!


Who needs a two door sport coupe when you can have a one door!


No, the wings did not fall off the airplane. It is a car. Give new meaning to the wind blowing in your hair!


All you Harley Davidson types ready to trade in for a more economical ride?


Look how small this car is next to Katrina, but the stuff down the line behind it are smaller!


This is the two door sport coupe! A door at each end and a seat facing each direction. This would drive your back seat driving mother-in-law crazy!


Can’t stand to sit next to the spouse? This is the car for you single seats one behind the other. Another car for back seat drivers.


Off to the river! Looks like something a bunch of clowns would drive to the circus.


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