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Electric Vehicle Disaster?

When will it Happen?

Electric Trucks

I am a little confused and don’t claim to be a scientist or the smartest guy in the room. I need help with a concern I have.

I have heard that most of the car manufactures are going to 100% electric vehicles by 2030. I have also read that there is at least one city in California that wants to prohibit new gas stations and plans to provide incentives for existing fuel stations to convert to electric charging stations.

This is where I need someone smarter than me to explain what happens to all these electric cars and charging systems when there is a massive long-term loss of electric power like the recent disaster in Houston, Texas. This has also happened during ice storms in Kentucky and during other disasters around the Country.

Electric Fire Truck

If all the Government vehicles and other emergency vehicles including ambulances are electric, how are they going to be charged when the entire power system is down? How long will these vehicles be able to respond to the publics’ needs? How will private citizens be able to go to the grocery store, doctor, emergency room or anywhere else without being able to charge their vehicle? Back-up generator systems also rely on petroleum. If there are no fuel suppliers in the area, how will they operate? Some vehicles will have a charge, but when those become fully discharged going down the road and stops dead in the street, what happens? It isn’t like you can run down to the local electric charging/service station and pick up a can of electricity.

If all the gas stations are eliminated and all vehicles are electric, what is the back-up plan? In Houston, as I understand it, the problem started when the electric power provider had to shut down certain areas due to increased demand. Will this problem exist elsewhere when everyone in an area plugs their electric cars and trucks in for a charge during an emergency? For years California has had rolling blackouts in the summer because of an excessive demand for electricity to run air conditioners. Can a power grid that fragile really stand up with every vehicle plugged in at night?

Electric Charging Stations

There are currently 22,000 electric charging stations in the US and 168,000 gas stations. Remember, each gas station has multiple pumps, and it only takes a few minutes to fill a car with gas. There are 276 Million cars in the US. How many charging stations will be necessary to supply all 276 million cars with a charge? How much additional electric capacity needs to be added to the American electric grid to meet this demand?

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