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Interview with Ralph Moody

Holman and Moody Prototype

The following interview was conducted back in 2011. Although the Prototype is still not finished, to the best of our knowledge, the interview remains interesting. It is presented here in the words of the interviewer. If you would like to know more about these cars you can visit the Talladega Spoiler Registry.

Now and then we like to repost some of our more popular Posts from the past that new readers may have never seen. This one was originally posted back in April 2011. At that time Ralph Moody hoped to have his Dad’s car completed that year. As far as I know at this time it remains unfinished. This month we are featuring the Lee Moody BLACK PROTOTYPE now owned by Lee’s son, Ralph. Rather than retell Ralph’s story I will simply reprint the information he gave to us in his own words. This is VIN 9A46R1211309. Ralph has stated his goal is to have the car completed for the Talladega Family Reunion! The Black Talladega by Ralph Moody “The Black Talladega was my Dad’s personal car, which he kept after leaving Holman Moody in 1972.” “Lee Holman (John Holman’s son) still runs Holman-Moody which is a trademarked company name.” “The black car stayed in the family and we had started to restore the car before my dad died, which had sat in my Dad’s carport for many years. I had a good friend doing some of the restoration and he closed his company, so I retrieved the car and have been a little slow with progress since I’ve not had the time to devote to the project over the past few years.” “Attached are two photos of the car, which has been stripped, blasted, and primed. Bracing was installed to allow removal of the floor pan on the passenger side. There was some rust (heater core leak), but this has been cut out and replaced, and the body is going onto a rotisserie for final welds on the bottom side before heading out for paint sometime in 2011.” “I just got the engine back this summer and have run it on a test stand

this fall with all the hardware back on the engine. It’s the original block, heads, and rotating assembly, albeit with 0.030” over pistons.” “It is an “R” code car with the Ram air system, PS/PB/AC.  It has the standard black interior (bench front and back), C6 automatic, and all Black exterior. (hood color matches body).” “The car was partially assembled at Holman Moody, and it’s still visible to see pop rivets and cut/weld marks where the rockers were removed/replaced on this car.  My dad had indicated the body sat on a surface plate at HM for some time as a template car, and then was assembled/reassembled into a street car.  Some of the parts needed came thru Don Sullivan at Ford, who he had known for years.” “Hope this helps with some info on the car. Will try to be ready for next fall, but will see how much time/effort I can devote this coming year! Hearing the engine running again has inspired some new goals.

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