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Motion Performance Mustang!

Hugger Mugger For Sale!

Most of us have heard of the successful drag racing Motion Performance cars and Baldwin Chevrolet. Joel Rosen has long been noted for collaborating in the production of the first muscle car era’s most formidable big-block Chevy street and drag machines. Those Camaros and Corvettes graced the pages of virtually every performance magazine of the late 60s. Until recently, I never knew of the Motion Mustang!

Typical ad found in virtually every car magazine of the day.

Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the words Motion Performance were in or on most car magazines. Hi-Performance Cars magazine had a special connection with Motion Performance through Editor Marty Schorr. As a result, the Cars magazine was the go-to mag for anything Motion. Schorr also did all of Motion’s marketing and ads. He also was on the ground floor of creating the concept of Motion Performance with Motion owner Joel Rosen.

It was a 1965 Ford that became one of the most accomplished cars ever associated with the Motion name. This 1965 Ford Mustang K-code fastback labeled as the Hugger Mugger for “mugging” all those, as advertised by Chevrolet, Hugger Camaros!

This particular Ford did not come out of Baldwin Chevrolet. It was purchased new by Fred Reimer at Schnurmacher Ford in Hewlett, New York. in 1965, it was campaigned by Reimer and his childhood pal Fred Greco. The pair soon met another Ford drag racer, Larry Smith, who also just happened to be the service manager at Motion. Smith introduced them to Motion owner Joel Rosen, and before long the Mustang was wearing Motion sponsorship on its flanks. After a series of 289 engines, Smith fitted the Mustang with then-new Boss 302 heads.

After a successful race history, the car was retired in 1974 and placed in storage. In 2005 Fred Greco became the sole owner and returned it to its original racing configuration. A few years ago it was sold by Mecum Auctions to Travis Meester. Today, it remains mostly unrestored except for the new Rangoon Red paint and new lettering by the original artist, Gary “Local Brush” Kupfer.

The Shelby hood, side scoops, and quarter windows are Day Two items added by Reimer in 1966. Only the engine, tires and rear gears are different from the original racing setup. The engine is now a Tony Cary-built Ford Racing Boss 302 using the Boss 302 heads and intake installed by Smith in the late ’60s. A vintage Hurst Super Shifter operates the original Toploader 4-speed, which transmits power to the 9-inch rear end equipped with a Holman-Moody nodular center section incorporating a Detroit Locker differential with 4.30:1 gears and 31-spline axles. Most of the original racing gear is still present, including a Moroso cable-driven tachometer, Stewart Warner gauges, Lakewood traction bars, and Mallory dual-point distributor. Vintage 14-inch ET wheels are used up front and 15-inch Astros with new M/T slicks at the rear.

The Hugger Mugger Mustang still wears the gaggle of “kill stickers” it earned on the drag strip, accompanied by other period decals gathered from the National Council of Mustang Clubs, Ford’s “Muscle Power” from the old Muscle Parts program, and the Motion Supercar Club.

Today, you have an opportunity to add your name to this piece of history. The owner of this one of a kind Motion Performance Mustang is available for purchase. The asking price for such a remarkable piece of Ford and Motion Performance history is $149,000. This car belongs in a museum or featured as someone’s centerpiece in their collection. If you are interested in adding this unique one of one to your collection contact Travis at

When you get it home, let us know so we can continue the story.

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