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1967 Corvette 427 Sting Ray Coupe

C-2 Corvette at its best!

The history and life of Corvettes have evolved into a series of generations. C-1 is the designation for the first generation. Each subsequent generation has its own “C” number. The most recent is the C8 Mid-engined Corvette with its first year of production being 2020. Of all Corvette generations, the most desirable one by today’s collectors and enthusiasts is the second-generation Sting Ray of 1963-67. The 1963 Split Window Coupe is often believed to be the most coveted of the C-2 Corvettes. It is the most recognizable with its two-piece rear window. However, the most coveted is the final C-2, 1967, models with their refined and uncluttered body styling that attracts many collectors. Not only is the 67 body cleaner but the performance was much improved each year with the 67 being the ultimate C-2. Powertrain options ranged from the hot small-blocks and the mighty 427 CI Mark IV big-block in three levels of tune for the street, too the ultimate L88 of which only 20 were ever built.

1967 Leather Interior.
1963 C-2 Corvette Split Window vintage custom. This is typical of the Custome Corvettes from the late 1960s.
1967 C-2 Corvette convertible with the optional hardtop in Goodwood Green.
1967 C-2 Corvette in Lynndale Blue.

According to its NCRS Shipping Data Report, this 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Coupe was delivered new to Reeder Chevrolet in Knoxville TN. It was built at the St. Louis assembly plant on November 8, 1966, and sold on November 8, 1966, to a gentleman in Macon, GA.

1967 Corvette leather interior in bright teal. Note the telescopic steering wheel.

Documented Options:

  • 1. Corvette Sport Coupe: 8,504 out of  22,940 1967 Corvettes Built; $4,388.75
  • 2. Lynndale Blue exterior: 1,381 Built
  • 3. Leather Seats: 1,601 Built; $79.00
  • 4. Shoulder Belts: 1,426 Built; $26.35
  • 5. Head Rest: 1,762 Built; $42.15
  • 6. Soft Ray Tinted Glass: 11,331 Built; $15.80
  • 7. AM/FM/ Radio; 22,193 Built; $172.75
  • 8. Telescopic Steering Column: 2,415 Built; $42.15
  • 9. 4 Season Air Conditioning: 3,788 Built; $412.19
  • 10. 427 390 HP: 3,832 Built; $200.15
  • 11. 4-Speed: 9,157 Built; $184.35
  • 15. Factory Side Mounted Exhaust Pipes: 4,209 Built; $131.65
  • 16. 775×15 White Wall Tires: 13,445 Built; $31.35
  • 17. Power Steering: 5,747 Built; $94.80
  • 18. Power Brakes: 4,766 Built; $42.15
No, that is not 4 tail lights, just the reflection in the bumper.

This rare Corvette Sting Ray has accumulated only just over 42,000 miles during its life span. Regardless, it has undergone a complete frame off restoration to take it to the next level of perfection. Today, it retains its original matching-numbers 427/390 HP big-block V-8 engine, and original standard 4-speed manual transmission. The Lynndale Blue is the third lowest production color and is a one year color only available in 1967. The iconic 427 Stinger Hood is very nicely complemented by a black stinger stripe. The leather interior in bright teal blue also includes AM/FM radio, telescopic steering wheel, headrests, and rare shoulder belts. Plus the very desirable Frigidaire factory air conditioning. The entire Corvette image is enhanced by the factory installed side exhaust pipes.

Sidepipes were only available on C-2 Corvettes from 1965-1967.

If you have never had the opportunity to experience the sensory overload of driving a 1967 Sting Ray with 427 4-speed with a side exhaust, it is a bucket list experience. I have been fortunate enough to have had this thrill with two different cars, one a daily driver for over a year! There are better cars, there are faster cars, there may even be cars that are more iconic but to me, a 1967 Corvette Coupe with a 427, 4-speed and side pipes is just the ride that rings all my bells! I have owned most generations of the Corvette but the C-2 is where my heart lives.

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