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Not Even a Barn to Protect Them

Not all old lost cars are stored away in barns, some are just sitting out in a pasture. Barn Finds is an overused term describing a classic car found resting in an old building. Originally this applied to cars that were in very good condition but not driveable because they have been sitting for long periods of time. Today, almost any old rusted out hulk of a car is labeled a Barn Find.

This 50s Ford is being crushed by the trees growing next to it.

Not long ago we were out searching for a project car or two and found approximately 100 rare old cars from the 1950s and 1960s rusting away in a backyard. Most of the cars were far beyond salvageable for a project car. They did have some good parts and made great conversation pieces. Some, I am sure, if hooked to a chain would simply collapse in on themselves. Some even had multiple mature trees growing up through the engine compartment.

Check out the trees growing in this 1956 Ford.

There were a rare few stored away in buildings that were all in excellent condition. However, even these all needed something before being driven again. Like so many cars sitting out in the open, the owner realizes down deep in their heart that he will never get to restoring the cars. He will also not part with any of them. The reason? The same as why many of us hold onto old cars or any old relics, the memories.

This is an extremely rare 1969 Ford Talladega.

These old cars are memories. They don’t mean a thing to us but to the owner, each and every one of those old junkers triggers fond memories of a loved one, a terrific experience or a time and place with fond memories that can never be traveled to again. These old cars are time memory time machines.

Do you recognize this rare rocker panel trim for a 1969 Mercury Cougar?

Every time you try to buy a project car that is rusting away in someone’s backyard remember; it’s not just a car, it is a link to another time that puts a smile on the owner’s face or a tear in his eye.

1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500!
Another 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500.
All that is left of this Mustang.
This two-seat Thunderbird has seen better days and I am sure is full of memories.
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