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Dodge Daytona, Plymouth Superbird, Ford Talladega, Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Reunite at the Race Track and We Have the Photos

This is the 50th Anniversary of the Ford and Chrysler Aero Cars at the Talladega Speedway in 1969. The 50th Reunion at the Tim Wellborn Museum and Talladega Track this year will be memorable. This is an article from 2008 when we had a similar gathering at the St Louis Gateway track.

Remembering the Aero Car Reunion 2008 Gateway International Raceway; Monster Mopar Weekend.

If you like NASCAR racing; if you like vintage auto racing; if you like the winged 1969 Dodge Daytona or the 1970 Plymouth Superbird or if you are more into the 1969 Ford Talladega or Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II you have to join the Daytona Superbird Auto Club (DSAC). Katina and I belong and recently attended the Club’s 34th annual Aero Warrior Reunion at Gateway International Raceway in St Louis. The Reunion was held in conjunction with the Monster Mopar Weekend.

Aero Warriors Plymouth Superbird

If you think Mopar owners and Blue Oval folks get along like oil and water you are badly mistaken. In fact we all had a great time together and have nothing but the highest regard for each others cars. In fact some of us own both brands or at least have owned both in the past.

Aero Warriors

The weather was not the best. The temperature was terrific but the rain was a constant threat and sometimes made good on the threat with little showers. However, nothing dampened the spirits of those in attendance. The cars were polished and driven.

Aero Warriors on Race Track

We even got to take laps of the Gateway International Speedway on both Saturday and Sunday.

Aero Warriors Monster Mopar Weekend

If you seldom see one of these rare cars this was your opportunity. There were 36 Mopar Aero cars and 9 Blue Oval cars in attendance. Everything from non-restored but well used originals too pristine show cars too authentic race cars. I have seldom had so much fun at a car event.

Ford Talladega

I have included some photos to wet your appetite but if you go to our On Tour page you can see a lot more. I will also be doing Feature Car articles on several of my favorites over the next few months so keep checking back.

Aero Warriors Monster Mopar Weekend

I have also included a video of our escapade on the Speedway.

If you would like to join DSAC or learn more about it check out their web page or give Doug Schellinger a call at 414-687-2489. The 40th Reunion should be the best yet. It will be held at Talladega Speedway during the 2009 NASCAR race in November. The dates are October 28 thru November 1, 2009. If all goes as planned we will be there with all three of our Blue Oval Aero Cars. If we win the Lottery we will also have a Superbird and Daytona by then! Look for us!

Ford Talladega the first one

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I grew up and lived in Iowa for a good portion of my life before moving to Southern California. After 20+ years we now live outside Nashville Tennessee. I have been into cars since I was old enough to remember. I don't have a brand loyalty although I do prefer American Muscle especially the 1969/1970 NASCAR Aero Cars. (Check out our other web site at site) As long as it has four wheels and an engine I get excited. Few men are lucky enough to be able to share their passion for cars with the woman they love. Fortunately, my wife, Katriana, is also a gear head and many of our activities revolve around the cars. We have a small collection that includes at least one car from each of the Big Three. It includes a Best of Show winner, a survivor, a driver with lots of patina and several others. Katrina prefers all original cars while I like to modify them so we have a few of each. When we aren't playing with cars we are out working with or showing our miniature donkeys. You can see more about that part of our lives at

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  1. Dear Richard & Katrina,

    It was great to meet both of you at the reunion! Patti and I both had a great time and really enjoyed getting to see your #1 Talladega! We look forward to seeing you at future events, including the FCA Nationals, but, especially at next year’s 40th anniversary Talladega Reunion.

    I was very impressed not only with the great cars at the reunion, but, mostly with the owners and their families. It was a great experience. I was really expecting the oil and water treatment, but, I was very pleasantly surprised by the reception us Blue Oval folks received from the White Hat crew.



    (The Presidential Blue Big T)

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