Barn Find to Show Car!

The Mustang today with its current owner.

The Mustang today with its current owner, the seven year old Bob Duprie who grew up to live his dream.

The story is one that is touching to the heart. Back in the early 70s a very young seven year old boy lost his parents. It was a difficult time for the family and he spent his week with close family members and weekends with a family friend. This difficult experience was also a very memorable one.

This little boy spent his weekends going to races and being driven around in a 1970 Mach One 428 CJ 4-speed Mustang. It was the kind of experience that left a lasting imprint on the seven year old. Soon after the first ride in this great car he promised himself that someday he would drive one just like it.

99% Done

As the years rolled by he never forgot that promise he had made to himself. At the age of nineteen he began to run classified ads looking for just such a car. Without success, he continue to once a year run the ad in different states. He always met with failure until one year, many years later, he received a call from the owner of just the car he was looking for. Unfortunately, it was not in great condition.

The car was acquired and a nineteen year journey to restore the car was underway. At the end the car was beautiful, too beautiful. It is a show car and far too nice to be driven and will likely soon be replaced with a more suitable driver quality car to be enjoyed.

I was contacted by the owner of the car when he discovered a picture of the Mustang as it was found on our Barn Finds page.


This is the picture before the restoration began.

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  1. Dana Bicks LLC says:

    Folks, Talk about barn finds !!!! Hypothetically speaking, what if you walked into a locked up barn and found covered up for 25 yrs a Chrysler Windsor not A but THE ONE NO ONE KNEW OF !!! #100-110 , the first HEMISPHERIC CONCEPT designed in 1937/38 , with Overdrive, Synchromesh transmission, hydraulic brakes, electric 2 SPD wipers, blinkers, any other options not even thought of by anyone else . But Chrysler did and this car was built in secrecy, not in Maywood California with the rest but in Detroit MI. Got your attention, contact me , thanks Dana

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