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Roller Hoop to replace old fashioned Rotisserie?

There is always some new product coming onto the market and promises to make life easier for each of us. We were recently contacted by a restoration shop with a new product we think might just live up to those claims if you are planning a major restoration.  Doug Kielian of Auto Kraft Body and Paint Inc. and DSK Auto Products LLC. in Lincoln, NE contacted us regarding his Roller Hoop. It looks like something I would love to have in my shop! I will let Doug tell you about it in his own words.

The Roller Hoop has been a wonderful asset to our restoration efforts. The Roller Hoop was just an Idea in my head about six years ago and now it is such a part of my daily life of restoring cars, I couldn’t imagine doing a car without it!   I also train young guys to become skilled talented craftsmen and they take to the Roller Hoop like a three year old to a computer! There is no doubt in my mind that 5 to 10 years from now this product will be as common in a resto shop as a hydraulic floor jack, in my shop I have three jacks and five Roller Hoops up in action right now.

It is a very simple concept, two hoops that mount to the car body via custom built triangle jigs, that bolt to structural portions of the body shell ( shock mounts, suspension mounting holes, many places on a strip down body shell will provide great places to mount to. A car body was never designed to be hung from the ends especially a rusty car!  Since the Roller hoop mounts inboard of the body shell the stress load is basically non existence!  Mounting a body shell in the Hoops is a relatively easy process that is fully explained in our 36 page illustrated hand book that comes with the system. We also provide a hour long DVD that shows many tips, uses and ideas.

The Roller Hoop is a very versatile system that can be easily moved about the shop outside onto a trailer etc. with the rolling caster legs that quickly slip on & pin lock on to the Hoops; it rolls around like a large shopping cart!  With our patented design comes some unique attachment that allow you to quickly lift the system to remove or install the legs and lower it back on the Roller base units. The Hoops simply roll on them like a beach ball in a swimming pool!  When you’re ready to work on one spot of the body you simply step on of the four foot brakes to lock it into position.  There is so much more to learn about this exciting new product, be sure to visit the web site www.rollerhoop.com and take it for a spin!  You will find the price very competitive to other high line rotisseries. The price is $1395 for the basic system and $1995 for the full system which even comes with a very handy and nice looking storage rack! Ordering is as simple as a phone call, email, or even send us a check in the mail see the web site for contact info.

Thanks, Doug Kielian.

If you note in some of the photos Doug is working on some neat stuff in his shop. I am really partial to the 67-68-69-70 Mustangs and is shop is full of them.  I hope to bring you some more details on at least one of them in the next few weeks. It will blow your mind.

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  1. Would the Roller Hoop work on a Corvette C-3 body (off the frame)? I have cracks both front and back.

  2. The Roller hoop is very versatile, and yes it will work great for your C-3 we have even restored a 73 Vette with the frame and a 66 Vette body shell. all the set up info is provided in the 26 pg handbook and the hour long DVD feel free to call 402 474 2344 for any further info.

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