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Ford Talladega and Mercury Spoiler Details

When you get 25 rare cars together in one location you can’t help but take a look to see how different or how similar they all might be. At the recent Ford Talladega Family Reunion we took our camera around to look at some of the details of these cars. See what we found.

What do you think? Let us know!This Spoiler has the decal with a space between the “CYCLONE” and “SPOILER”. The one below does not, which is correct?

The “T” emblem on the door of a Talladega seems to vary from early cars to late cars. The prototypes were cast aluminum and look smooth, early production examples seem to be different but still smooth in finish, later versions have more of a “brushed” finish and the last few cars had decals, not emblems.

Do you know when the changes took place? Why the changes?

This is the “T” on the Banjo Matthews prototype. It is very similar yet different from production cars.

This is an early “T”.

Here are the “T”s from a later production Talladega. It is difficult to see in the photo but there is a brushed finish on the surface.

This is the decal “T” on the last Talladega. It is NOT the original decal but is a reproduction made to look like the one that came off the car when it was restored.

The question of what is the correct texture for the competition black paint on the Talladega always comes up when ever you get two Talladega owners together. The above car has a smooth surface while the one below has a heavily textured surface, others have something in between. What do you think and why?

On the Spoiler/Spoiler II the rear wing is also a topic of conversation. Since it was delivered to the dealer in the trunk it may not have always been installed. Almost all cars be they Dan Gurney or Cale Yarborough cars have the competition black wing. However, we have an original DG car with a Blue wing and here is CY car with a red wing. Did these come from the factory, dealer painted or…?

Every Talladega, Spoiler and Spoiler II also came with a steering wheel wrap. Do you know if they were installed at the factory or at the dealership. This one is original.

Another question that I hear a lot at shows is: “Did all 1969 428 Talladega cars come with smog equipment or just CA cars?” Comment?

While we are looking at this photo, there is another question that needs an answer. When did Ford change from Chrome Valve Covers to the Aluminum Covers? Early cars were Chrome and late cars were Aluminum but when did they change?

What about Talladega and Spoiler Literature and those pesky stampings and markings on original cars?

What’s correct and what do they all mean?

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  1. Richard.The thing that I get out of this article and these cars is that the more answers that we get,the more questions we have.JW

  2. Jon, I agree. The same issue came up with another Cyclone Drag Pack owner the other day. It was an automatic Drag Pack! Yes, they did build them in 69 but they did not have staggered rear shocks like th 4-speed cars.

  3. The CycloneSpoiler Talladega Regisry states that the decklid spoiler,decals,and the steering wheel cover were to be dealer installed.

  4. Richard, my Cyclone has a space between Cyclone and Spoiler. The original owner who purchased car new had the decals in their possession when I was researching its history and they sent them to me.

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