1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500, Green

Is this a new GT 500 find?

68 cyclone gt 500Seems like this research will never end. Every time I think it has come to a stop another car pops up. This time it is one from Thomas Kau in Wisconsin. He sent some photos of his 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT with all the correct 500 badges!

However, there are two items that stand out on this car that are different than any previously reported GT 500. First it is Lime Frost green and second; the Marti Report does not list a GT 500 option on their report.

The photos below were provided by Thomas and I have blurred out the last three digits of the VIN at his request. The Marti Report is generally accepted as the Gospel when it comes to the Fords that fall within the limits of their records.

Another strange item on this car is that it was built on February 6, 1968. This is considerably earlier than the other cars reported to be GT 500s. Mine was built in May.

Now the questions are:

-Is this a real GT 500 or a car someone but emblems on? The emblems appear to be in the right locations and mounted with the correct factory retainers.

-If this is a real GT 500 built early in the year; if so, why was it built?

-Since it was built in early February could it have been part of a run of promotional cars for the Daytona 500?

-Could it have been a special for the Memphis District?

-Might it have been some sort of prototype for the future GT 500s?

-Is this a dealer modified car?

-Were there a lot more GT 500s than we know of?

Look these photos over and let me know what you think.

If you have any more info or memories on these cars pass it on. All info will be posted.

The interior is the black bucket seat with console like found on other GT 500s. This is a 4-speed 390 car.

Other GT 500 Marti Reports that I have seen list the GT 500 option on the report. I think if I were Thomas I would spring for additional research with Marti and attempt to determine if this might be a real GT 500.


  1. My guess is that the latch cable as stretched or came loose from its retention clip. You will most likely have to get under the car and reach up through the underside and see if you can unlatch it by hand. I don’t know if this will work on the Lincoln but that is the way you have to do it on the Talladega and Spoiler II when they break. I believe the Lincoln cable is the same one used on these cars.

  2. I have a 1968 mercury cyclone Gt that came stock from ford with a 302. even have the original letter from ford.

  3. I have a question about the stripe on the rear quarter, the fact that it does not “finish” on the extension. I believe all that I have seen do. I can send a pic of mine even though it is not a “500”, and I have owned it for over 25 years, mine is still in the original condition.

  4. I also have a 68 that has the GT badges and stripes on the bottom. The vin does not show it as a GT but I bought it off the original owner who wrecked it and it sat in his garage till I bought it so I know the badges were not just added. I have read an article that stated this is possible because when they were doing the Daytona 500 permotion with these cars they ran out of the big blocks and stuck the 302’s in the remainder of the cars but still made it look like a GT. I am still missing the flags on the quarter. Do ou know where I can ge them?

  5. Jeff, I suggest you obtain a Marti Report for the car. Make sure you ask them if your car has the GT 500 option. Other clues you need to look for are the build date and car’s color. Do you have the holes in the quarter panels for the flag? The emblem is a stock Ford part taken from an earlier model. Not sure of the year or model but believe it was a Fairlane. Email photos of the car to me at rfleener@comcast.net.

  6. Yes I have the holes for the flag. I found the 500 emblems off a car at my fathers garage. He has a collection about 3000 cars from the 30’s through the 70’s that’s why I was trying to find out wht the flags are from. I will take some new pics of my car and send them to you.

  7. Jeff,

    Don’t hold me to this , but from what I’ve seen and read here and there , the Flags were a carry over from the 1963-1966 Comet Cyclones but they were positioned on those cars front fenders as opposed to the GT 500’s rear quarters. These Flags can be purchased as reproductions from Mac’s at about $55.00 a shot. I’ve seen them on E-Bay a few times for about the same price.

    I was told the 500 badges were from the 1968 Galaxie 500.

    I have a 1968 Cyclone Fastback and being the devoted Nascar fan and car nut I am , I obtained all these pieces to clone the 1968 Cyclone GT500 , just in a color more of my own choosing , and also not to try to pass it off as something anything other than a Clone or Tribute to these cars.

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